Syracuse, New York
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I am so flipin MAD!!!! My computer... Not my laptop, but my computer keeps hiting on me!!!

I am so mad!!!! It keeps sayin that it can do me right unlike my husband tony!!! How does it know Tony?! I dont even like it and GRRR I hate it sooo much. I wish it would just go die in a whole and stay there for the rest of that no good computer life it allready has. I have no clue what is going on...

It keeps calling me a sexy *itch, and now I have to leave it off becuase Tony and I are getting furious at it.

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thats quite funny.... :grin


This has nothing to do with the above article, just venting. Thanks!!!


I would just like to state that I am a former wal mart employee. I was working there while putting myself through school.

I have to say some of the employees are nasty and bitter, but I truly believe it is because of the low life *** who come in to wal mart. They think because they are the customers, they can call us whatever they want and act how ever they want. I have news for those people. Doing things like that just makes you look like an *** and everyone sees that.

I don't know what you think you are accomplishing, but all you are projecting is that you are a total ***. I think people who complain about wal mart need to realize where they are at first off, and that THEY had the choice to walk into that store. I do not feel bad for any of the consumers that treat people like *** and think that is okay because wal mart says the customer is always right.

That is a load of bull *** and every customer who even so much as thinks of giving attitude to a nice employee or a person who can't help the situation or maybe even the fact that you are having a *** day (again, not wal mart employees problem) should be thrown out on their dirty scummy piece of *** *** and never be allowed back in. This is only to the people who treat others like ***-because they feel like it.