Washington, District Of Columbia

no check outs available on saturday mornings who is doing schedules? this is the third time we have had the same situation not everyone wants to shop in the afternoon.

we ended up walking out i would rather go to a store that deals in groceries, at least they have more than two registers open or you can check your self out. this store is located at baseline and coutry club. if yiou do morning shopping take your luch with you. if they need help making out schedules call me i've done it for 15 years.

get on the ball managers!!! there has to be a couple of employees that would like an a.m. schedule.

i've also been there in the afternoon and seen register personnel doing nothing. get it together or you've lost these customers with the Big mouths because i WILL TELL EVERYONE AND ANYONE

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If this is the worst thing in your life, the thing you just had to tell Pissed Consumer about, you are very very lucky.


I agree with you, but I have to gloat. Our Walmart has self-check out!!!

It is great.