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I am 65 years old. My husband died a few years back and left me a good pension plan for retirement.

I shop at and I have some pretty good shopping choices to choose from. I can choose from a lot of places in my local area(Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area) to do my grocery and household shopping, but I choose Walmart. But it seems everytime I go in to my local Walmart the staff aren't helpful, they are rude and everything else in the book.

For example today, I went in today and the deli didn't have the salad I wanted. They said they were in the process of making some more and offered to make me up one, but I was just so mad that they didn't have it out there to begin with already made and ready. Then when I checked out I made sure the cashier knew about the special coupon they were having that day and he informed me that he already knew about it. I don't care if he knew beforehand or not, he still needs to maintain a good demeanor and just at least act like he didn't know instead of treating me like an old fool.

The customer is your only real boss, store associates. You need to roll out the red carpet for every customer that walks in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Sounds to me like you had the attitude when you walked to the deli and then to the cashier it's customers like you that causes us to be rude! Your nice to me I will bend over back wards to help you if your rude then your own your on!!

Seem like a rich woman looking for special treatment you need a spa!!

We don't have red carpets only rubber mat so you won't fall when it rains and sue us. Go shop somewhere else


Do you think more salad is just made instantly? We have to go in the back and put it into a bowl....

You couldn't have waited 3 min? You're the type of customer that make good associates customer haters!


guess what? I have a feeling that this was posted by MsLea01


I work at the Walmart on copans and we don't have a deli. You must be talking about the store on powerline.


Oh, *** lady.


Wow I didn't know you were the queen of England poor baby your salad wasn't ready boo hoo. And if you have a good pension what are you doing at Walmart using a coupon I think your husband isn't dead he's hiding


I'm calling fake on this story. if not, the original poster sounds just plain rude.


I am sorry to hear that the store did not give you the so special treatment you deserved. Were you spoiled as a child?

If the store associate offered to make you a fresh salad that was superb customer service on their part. They were not required to make it if they did not wish. Also, consider it a good thing that the cashier knew about the 'special coupon'.

It saved you much time and hassle.

I will be sure to roll out the red carpet, just for you, if you ever come to my town.


They offered to make you salad...they know about the fri ggin coupon. If you were to have a heart attack in that store I would bet you would have harassment charges filed against the person who (unwillingly) gave you CPR.

Do society a favor - pull you lip over your head and swallow and STOP USING YOUR AGE AS A CRUTCH YOU OLD MAID!!


You got mad because they ran out of salad. I wonder did your husband commit suicide so he does not have to deal with you anymore.

Most likely they had just finished their supply and was making you fresh salad. Maybe your husband did not commit suicide and in anger you murdered him? Did you not treat him like a fool by telling him about the coupon when he already knew about it. He simply told you he was aware of it.

You are not a very kind person to deal with.

No wonder your husband committed suicide. If the customer is a nice person they say they are boss and want them to return, but obviously they don't want a *** like you(one who most likely killed her husband in anger or forced him to commit suicide) to return.








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