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Today I took the computer back and tried to exchange it for another one.I was told that because it was over 15 days old I would have to send it back to dell myself. This computer is less than 90 days old and already there are problems!

If it was a virus or virus caused problem I could see not replacing it, with me sending it back to dell.This is a mechanical problem. I also have the 2 year extended warranty. I paid around 364.00 dollars for this. If Walmart does not replace with a new one I won't even buy a candy bar there anymore.

I don't like being like this but this is a lot of money to pay for something that is less than 90 days old and does not work. I purchase a lot of things from your store and I hope we can continue to do business. If this is not fixed I will have no choice but to take my business elsewhere. Thank you for your time.

Kenneth G. Redmon;; (540)962-4598 Home phone. P.S.

I do expect a prompt response. once again thank you.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $364.

Walmart Cons: Warranty and service issues.

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There is a 15 day return policy on all electronics. If they exchange or refund for you then they would have to do it for everyone which would defeat the purpose of having policies to begin with.

Call Dell.

Threatening to shop elsewhere isn't going to change their policy just for you because you don't like it. Sorry but that's just the way it is.


This is not walmarts website, so putting your personal information on there for the world to see is very dangerous.


didnt know that ty


It does not matter what store you go to, almost all of them have the same policy on electronics. After 15 days it is your responsibility to contact the manufacturer. Why should Walmart replace it when it is a manufacturer defect in the first place.