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I filed a complaint with Walmart Headquarters...Here it is...unbelievable...


At the Walmart located at 8400 Coral Way, Westchester, FL you can retrieve, and I urge you to do so immediately, in-store film that shows everything I am about to tell. I know that on Set.16 2011 in-store films from Sept 13 were viewed by police officers from Miami Dade County. Police officers that I called to the store. Laziness and arrogance on the part of your top managers at that store basically left me no choice but to call the police department. Only then was the situation resolved.

The first film focuses on the "Money Center." Tuesday, Sept. 13, 5 -5:11 pm EST. I was there 10 minutes for the purchase of a $100 WalMart Money Card as well as a $50 MoneyPak card. My demeanor was happy and friendly. The film will show that to be true.

When I attempted to activate the WalMart Money Card on Sept 16 I was told by automated phone and on the WalmartMoneyCard.com site was that the card was no good. I had no luck reaching a human being. I then went to the store where I had purchased the card 3 days before.

The second set of films would begin, I believe, at approximately 1:40 pm EST on Sept. 16 until the police arrived and resolved the issue at 4:40 pm EST. There was a lot of movement so request the films that feature yours truly. The following narrative can guide you.

On Sept. 16 the woman who sold me the card was there as well as another employee. The original sales woman recognized me. Both women attempted many times to activate the card. They also called for management many times. They were as helpful as they could be. The film will show this.

The film will also show that no manager arrived. It will show that the employees left more than once to attempt to retrieve a manager. They were unsuccessful.

I decided to assist them in their quest. I went to customer service and approached a young man and asked if he was a manager. He indicated he was. I asked him to follow me to the Money Center. He agreed and off we went. Along the way an older lady approached and asked for assistance. I nodded to the young man. I did not object to him assisting the lady and went to wait at the Money Center. I am polite that way. As I watched he left the lady and went BACK to the customer service area. On the film you will notice my first exasperated expression.

Time was passing and no manager had come to our assistance. Now I was a bit perturbed. I went back to the customer service area to speak to the young man. He indicated that his senior manager was on the way to the Money Center. Back I went.

Upon arrival I was quickly greeted by two lower level managers, a man and a woman, and another woman with a badge that identified her as the "Co-Manager." The man gave me a glaring glance. Apparently I had touched a nerve. When I explained my situation his gaze softened; he realized I had a point. The Co-Manager, a young woman with blond highlights, had no such feelings. She insisted that since the card was rejected I would not get my money back. I replied "You're kidding me!" Her reply? "Can't you hear me?" Shocked beyond belief I switched modes: now I was getting angry. I replied in a firm voice, to let her know that her comment was unacceptable, "Do you hear me? You ARE giving me my money back." She replied with the implication that I had spent the money. I was in shock.

ALL of this can be seen on film. No audio necessary.

Off we went to the customer service area again. The Co-Manager gave my receipt and card to the lower ranking woman manager and told her to call the activation center. I told them it was useless but the Co-Manager was no longer listening. Off she went to the management offices with the male in tow. I stayed with the woman as she called, assured her it was not her fault and remarked that she had been given a task she couldn't complete.

Time passed and the woman offered to call Kevin Perry, the head manager. I agreed. A minute later the Co-Manager dragged herself back out of the offices and pulled the woman to the other end of the counter. I went to the end and up popped Kevin. He listened as I explained the situation as well as my complaints about his Co-Manager. The dirty look she gave me and the head nod to Kevin was priceless. Kevin saw it but made no move to correct or soften her actions. He was complicit in my treatment. I pray it was caught on camera. Here they were, basically robbing me, and she added to it by being nasty. Completely unprofessional.

The feeling that I was surrounded was unacceptable. I was the bad guy and the intimidation was on. The film doesn't lie. I had two feet between me and the people behind me. They were polite but they were there. How many? I don't know and didn't count. One was bad enough. How dare I tell them to return my money.

Flight or flight, I wasn't leaving. To break the circle I said I needed to use the bathroom. On my return Kevin gave me the card and receipt. He stated that when I brought in a card that matched the receipt he would return my money. I replied that it WAS the receipt, it WAS the card and they need to make it right. He refused. If I did not produce the right card my money would not be refunded. Kevin then proceeded to pretty much call me a liar. It was then that I began to threaten to call the police. Kevin said go ahead. Then a young lady appeared. I appealed to her and pulled out my MoneyPak card that was numbered and time-stamped right after the MoneyCard purchase. She asked me for both, which I had with receipts, and she went into an office next to the front door. I waited. Again.

She came out and confirmed that I had made both purchases at the same time. She also noted that the MoneyPak was good. So far so good. Then she claimed that not only was the MoneyCard not a match for the receipt but the cardholder, which has the UPC code that should match the card WAS NOT THE ONE THE CARD CAME IN! To put it politely she pulled that one right out of her "thin air." I was amazed. Not only was Walmart confiscating my money, I was now being accused of switching cards and containers. That was a bold faced lie and I knew it. The card was glued into the container. I told her that and insisted she was wrong. That can be clearly seen on tape. Again I threatened to call the police. She told me to go ahead. Then she offered to do it herself, as if SHE would be calling the police on ME! The implication was clear: How dare I be upset. Leave or the police will be called.

I'm a reasonable guy. I had been insulted, lied to and threatened. Enough was enough. I walked outside to call the police. According to my cell phone I called ATT directory assistance at 4:09 pm EST. Right then a police car pulled up so, naturally assuming that my "hosts" had already preventively called the police, I hung up and asked if he was there for me. He laughed and said no and asked me why I wanted to know. I explained my problem and he said that while he was not on duty why don't I go ahead and call the number on the side of his car. So I did. The time was 4:18 pm EST. The nice man had taken 10 minutes out of his day off to talk to me. Everybody was losing time this day. I had 22 more minutes STILL to go. Thank God for the Miami Dade Police Department. In 22 minutes they arrived and solved the problem. Light speed as far as I'm concerned.

The police arrived. One officer. I gave my side and he went inside while instructing me to wait by the door. Then another officer arrived. That didn't make me feel good at all. One cop investigates. Two cops arrest. Standard procedure and there I was. Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who would get arrested in a situation like that. The second officer even mentioned fraud as he went in. Obviously I wasn't the only one who had phoned the police. I was definitely feeling a little sick and light-headed.

Pacing back in forth in front of the door I awaited my fate. The first officer came out and told me I was right. The officers had reviewed the film from the 13th and saw the employee swipe one card but then give me another. But the real insult was not the officer's fault. In his hand was a new receipt and a new card. Even though I was right I was offered no chance to choose between getting my money back or accepting a new card. Management was still in charge. I wasn't even offered an apology. (The officer offered his own apology however)

I know WHY they did not apologize. The managers had put the store on high alert. They were going to teach this fraudster a lesson. Calling the police department was an embarrassment to them in front of the whole store. I had been the focus of attention for almost 3 hours and they were wrong. They were hoping I would take the card and leave. I did. I was worn out. I was emotionally drained and in shock. I just wanted to go home.

The employee that swiped one card and then gave me another is also a concern to me. Your two top managers have shown themselves to be petty and vindictive. They can't punish me but she is at their mercy. What happened was this and it was as innocent as can be. I asked for a MoneyCard. She pulled a blue one down and swiped it. I said "Hey wait a minute. If I'm gonna be poor might as well be looking rich while I'm at it. Give me the gold card!" She laughed and switched cards. That's what the police saw. That's what the manager would have seen if he had taken the time to look before being forced by the police department to do so. I would appreciate if you check on her welfare. And speaking of petty and vindictive guess what color my new card is…you guessed it…blue…:)

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LOL....I was pretty much in shock and, well, things like that just don't happen...even then I knew I had Walmart Corporation at my back...just because someone is the manager of a particular store doesn't mean they run the whole deal...plus I'm older and he's young...he joined Walmart 11 years ago and rose in the ranks to run a Superstore...He was polite when he told me to bring in the card that matched the receipt...I was thinking .."how in the heck can I do THAT?"...I told him to either give my money back or I was calling the police...maybe he truly believed I was lying...but when he told me the card did not match the receipt I told him that the salesperson must have swiped one card and given me another... at THAT point he should have looked at the tapes but he did NOT...I had to call the police before that happened...all I knew was that I was being robbed by Walmart...basically I was in shock but I wasn't backing down...then the fraud thing and and my "Holy *** moment," being met at the door by the officer with the card and no apology at all for how I was treated...I tell you that if I had been proved wrong after treating someone so rudely like that, and believe me, politely telling someone you are taking their money and too bad is as rude as it gets, I would have IMMEDIATELY invited the person back in and been profuse in my apologies...and you know the rest....


Nope not conniving at all...an honest mistake it was....I think the card the officer gave me at the door was THE blue card that had been swiped...don't know for sure...I think that was one of my points...it WAS an honest mistake that could have easily been taken care of without police intervention...the manager made NO move to correct the situation and was the cause of my distress...he made no move to help me at all but basically insulted me instead...thanks for asking...:)


customer sees clerk swiping blue card, then asks for gold card and gets gold card -- which was never swiped. curious what ever became of the original blue card, did some other "lucky" customer end up with more on his/her (twice-swiped) card than he thought? so anyhow was this a confused clerk or a conniving clerk?



this is GREAT! and i didn't fully gettit till the END


LOL, I agree that Trevor is ridiculous. How can you click on the post and know where someone is from?

If you really could, you would see I'm from Michigan. That's like the opposite of Florida guys.


Lol, I'm sorry if I confused people. This is my second comment on this thread. Any others were not me.

What I was trying to say: The original post that we were commenting on seems very real to me. I was saying to the original poster, who I accidently posted under Kevin Perry, that I felt sorry for his plight, and he seemed to have handled the situation with more patience and kindness than many would have, so kudos to that.

Also, I was saying that the rude ignorant person who posted beneath, claiming to be the OP, and also posting under the name "Kevin Perry" was clearly not the original poster. It is my belief that Walmart employs people to defend them online, like many companies. I think pretending to be the OP and saying such absurd things is seriously crossing the line, and if you look at the wording, it is a sad attempt to imitate the OP. The person saying they got arrested was NOT the OP, and I believe it was someone employed by Walmart. It's a confusing situation. Hope that clears things up a bit.

Also: I am not the OP, or Kevin Perry, and I have never posted under that name. I don't think I've ever posted under anything but simply "SK." I think if you look at how and what I type, it's pretty clear who's a fraud.

And that fake moderater is absurd. If he was really a mod, he'd have a real username. Also, I live in Michigan, not Florida. Proof: We had sun today, which was shocking. The weather here in MI is so unpredictable, I think it would be rather difficult to find. Maybe not. But I live in Michigan.


Hello...You are correct...I was originally posting here to address the person who posted as Kevin Perry and pretending to be a "drunk" me...I was also speaking to the person known as SK...I believe that person (the first SK post only), as well as yourself, to be the only genuine posters in this comment thread...The person who posted as a moderator is, of course, NOT a moderator...but at the same time that poster is just having a bit of fun so I don't mind...I actually don't mind Tasha or Kevin...they are making me laugh and keeping my complaint at the top of the heap...if they continue to do so I will continue to reply and ridicule them...




This is too funny...Hi Tasha....folding to my overwhelming intellectual ability and claiming victory are not the same thing my little punkin...the point of the complaint was that I called the police...your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired my child...Too the cheap seats...anyone reading this funny little comment thread might want to check out the "Walmart's Participation In Slander" thread as well...that poster claimed that people were coming into the comment sections and casting aspersions upon the original complainant or pretending to be the original poster to make them appear to be unreliable...in this thread that's me and it's painfully obvious that this is so...whether they are being paid to do it; who knows or cares?...they have face planted themselves in this case...she attacked the poor guy and said he was "full of nonsense"...lol...read this comment thread from the beginning...pretty hilarious I believe and I do stand by my complaint as posted...:)


Back for more eh?...listen my child my complaint is complete and clear...You want to beg me to give up defending it against an intellectually challenged mushroom such as yourself?...never happen...I am who I am, this is my complaint and it did happen...I have settled with Walmart and accepted their apology...never in a million years will you be able to discredit me....


Who act who's age?...what are you talking about? I already said I accepted the apology...I already said it's over...what I'm reacting to is the idgit who posted as Kevin Perry trying to pretend to be me and calling the police 'pigs"...lol... now I'm reacting to semi-literate ramblings...Look at the first Perry postings and then the first SK post...those are genuine...my replies are genuine...all the rest seem almost senseless...


I think some people are missing something here...what happened to the cashier?...I didn't get an answer on that...I've posted enough that it's clear that I filed that complaint so no need to beat a dead horse about ID on teh nets....what did happen was that I spoke to the regional supervisor...I told him it was nice to send the card but what I really wanted was a face-to-face apology in the store...you know man to man...he refused and stated that he was representing Walmart and that he profusely apologizes...what was I to do?...How many apologies does one need?...I took it...I mean what else could I ask for really?...as for the cashier...that Walmart is in the next town over so it's not really one I visit...I really do want to see if she stayed clear of trouble...a simple mistake and I still don't trust Perry....


Are you referring to the original SK post?...that one appears genuine to me and I took it that way and actually responded twice....the 2nd SK post is nonsense and really makes no sense...defending who?...Anyone who has ANY reading comprehension can match up my posts and see I am who I says I is...lol...I really didn't become angry until 2 weeks had passed with no response from corporate and then posted this a week later because people were "unavailable" or "on vacation"... btw I got a permanent card in the mail last week...it's color?...blue....:)


Wrong forum buddy...:)...people can post with any user name they want so "defending" ones user name is useless here on this site ...the Kevin Perry comments are obviously not me...I am laughing though...happy to see people showing an interest...would have been glad to have you guys for that "viral" thing...think about it...how many people have complaints about having to call the cops on THEM?...none as far as I've seen.... but it's not necessary now...:)


Misread your post..so you're saying walmart pretended to be me and posted as me in the comments to make me look nuts?...lol....doubt they have the time but that guy does have an agenda...I'd guess he's a walmart hater more than supporter and just too intellectually challenged to do a proper job but who knows?...thanks for your kind words..it was stressful but I was determined..as I waited for the police I was a least comforted by the fact that as an arrest-tee I would have had subpoena powers...that was my plan...subpoena the *** outta everyone in sight...thank god that didn't happen...:)


Lol...no..."wow" is me...Kevin Perry is the name of the manager at that particular Walmart...don't like him and never will but oh well...don't know how it ended up him being listed as the complainant on the OP...you will also notice that I was happy with the police response and never once called them "pigs"...why would I?...they helped me out...the first cop that showed up was young and covered with tattoos so I WAS a tad concerned that here I had an ex gang-banger deciding my fate on top of every thing else but it worked out ok...lol...BELIEVE me ...this was my first baby step...I've done seo for years and this was my first shot across the bow...now it's my last...As I said...this is over...in case Walmart does read this my initials are DD...:)


Wow, this poor guy. He sounds like an ideal customer too, he was being super polite, even after all this stuff started happening.

He even reassured the one lady who was being kind that it wasn't her fault the other people were treating him so badly.... Way to go Kevin Perry, thank you for being a kind human being. I'm very glad you eventually got your gift card, but I hope Corporate sends you an extra one and a really decent apology, I can't believe these peoples treatment of you. I can't believe the cops even had to get involved!

BTW, I hope everyone looking at this site is aware that the comments below claiming to be by the OP are obviously the work of one of those online PR people.

Lots of companies hire people to go online and post good things about them, and post things on complaints that make it look like the people that complained are nuts.

If you look at the Walmart complaints, almost all of them have comments claiming to be by the OP making their complaint look like their own fault. Be wary!


I wrote the letter above but all the comments that follow were NOT me....Walmart apologized and gave me a gift card along with a talking to the manager so I'm satisfied....only posted in the first place because I felt they were jerking me around...they made me "whole" and this is over...


Too long to read.