Pilot Point, Texas

I asked how much for firewood and he said he didn't know. I asked if he could find out and he said no.

I said can you just ask and then he s he was said he might. He was rude and short with me. He didn't know if they even carried firewood and seemed uneducated about walmart products. I asked if he had a lot and have some available by the time I would get there and he told me that he didn't know.

He should of offered to hold some for me.

It was very frustrating. I hate going to walmart because of the bad service.

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Get off your lazy b utt and go down there you self-entitled ***!


Get off this site you self entitled *****


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sniffle sniffle..

They couldn't find firewood.. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa


"He should of offered to hold some for me."

Hey(judging from your self entitlement issue I know that you are like five years old. At least you are acting that age by thinking you are the center of the universe. But he does not have time to deal with one customer. They have thousands of items and don't know where every one is, or how much of each and every of the million items they have in stock. Also it is first come first serve. They cannot deny another customer a sale just because someone who thinks she is more important than others wants the item on hold because they are too lazy to shop earlier. So grow up, learn that the world does not revolve around you, that you are not the center of the universe and for crying out loud, learn that not giving in to you and bending over backwards for you and changing the rules for you is not the same as being rude.

PS, after replying to you, I read what the others have said and they feel the same way I do. Well I admit I added the part about the thousands of items later. But you are not more important than the others who are willing to go to the store for firewood.


First of all when the people that answer the phone answered, did you ask for the department that sells fire wood? If you had that might have helped your situation. That being said, you could probably buy it a lot cheaper if you found somebody that wanted some trees cut down, and you offered to do that, you might even get it free.


You do realize Walmart has hundreds of thousands of different items and that it's near impossible for one person to know every single product in the store.. Even more impossible to know where it's located and how much it is unless your lucky enough to find it in the computer system which can be challenging in it's self based on what the item is.

You were capable enough find this website, WHY NOT TRY WALMARTS WEBSITE :). Oh I know why you're one of those dumbdumbs who want to blame everyone expect yourself.

I don't work for Walmart, however I work in the retail buisness and holding items for people is not acceptable. All items are first come first serve. Anyone wanting items held for them think they are more important than the other shoppers who took the time to go to the store. Not to mention well over 75% of the items held never get picked up, when it could be on the floor selling.