Ozark, Alabama
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i got the call about the twenty-five dollar gift card from walmart but did not accept, yet i still have a charge from shopping essential on January 26, 2009 for one dollar,February 26, 2009 for nineteen dollars and ninety-five cents, also from simply you the same thing and then the CIC*Triple Advantage for fourteen dollars and ninety-five cents on February 16, 2009. i have no idea where these came from therefore i do not know how to cancel it!

How did they get my information without me giving it to them?

Reply please and let me know how to fixed this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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It is a possibility that someone else got your card number. Call the main customer service (toll free) or go the merchant at your local walmart.


They must have got your credit card somehow. If it was you, ...live and learn!


Go to this website. Call one of these numbers and explain to them what happened. There's a section for Walmart shopping cards.


just shoot yourself and end the voices that told you to write this complaint