Spokane, Washington
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I used my debit card in the College Place, WA. store.

My four digit pin was not required. I recently found a debit card in the parking lot and had I been dishonest, I could have used that card with no questions asked. This is a terrible policy!

I may not shop at Walmart until this policy is changed. The clerk was very apologetic but could do nothing about it.

Customer service was also very apologetic but also could do nothing about the issue. Prices will only go up if you have to make good on all the misused debit cards.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Please stop the policy of not requiring the 4 digit pin on debit cards.

Walmart Cons: Debit card policy.

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Lots of businesses do that.

Another thing is, you can ring up a debit card as credit and all it will ask for is the signature. People can scribble something and it gets accepted. It's not only at Walmart.


Music man is right about the credit thing. If you run a debit as credit, not only will it not ask for a pin but if the purchase is less then $50 a signature isn't required either. Just call your bank or write See ID on the back of your card, simple fix.


This actually isn't just walmart. There are several businesses that have stopped requiring a pin number.

Just talk to your bank. They can fix it.