Los Angeles, California

Please make separate checkout aisles for people that price match or are on food stamps! 90% of the time they are stay at home moms or not working.

They have time to wait in lines. I had two days in a row waiting behind these people and it takes 15-20 min longer than usual. Today after they SLOW checker checked my items I told him I would pay with cash and credit card. He put both in as cash and I had to have my whole cart rechecked!!


Why couldn't they just put the price in and redid the transaction? Late for work!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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I have to agree with "anonymous" about being judgmental, and about being so close to the customer ahead of you that you could read their card. You don't really know the details of someone's life just because you're gawking at them inside a store. That said, I've never stood in a Walmart line for less than 10 minutes and it is infuriating!


You are being awfully judgmental. Just because people use price match or food stamps doesn't mean most of them are stay at home mothers or not working.

I don't know where you got your information, but you are terribly mistaken. The price match might take a little bit longer, but not as much as you said. Food stamps shouldn't take any longer than usual. By the way how do you know these people are using food stamps?

Being the card that food stamps is on looks just a debit card or credit card. If you were close enough to read what the card said, you were in the person's personal space and the person should have reached back and kicked you in the shins. Also whenever a person gets unemployment benefits, child support payments, etc. they all go on a card that looks just like the food stamp card.

When people are using food stamps, the items are all scanned at one time, and the non-food items are separated by the scanner, not by the cashier. Why would anybody with half a brain pay for their items with cash and a credit card? That would be more time consuming than the price match or food stamps, when you consider the person in back of you in the line.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Another thing why would anybody buy their groceries before going to work, and that is what you must have done, being you complained about being late to work.


Hahaha.... good call