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I was actually thrown out of Walmart for complaining about the lack of cashiers!

I visited this Walmart on New Years Eve to purchase a money order. There were about 15 people in the line and only one cashier. I went to find a manager and she said she was going to do something about it. Well, she went to look for the police.

When the policewoman came, there was no one fighting and I asked what were they going to do about the lack of cashiers.

The policewoman told me that I needed to be quiet because I was making all of the other people in the line mad. I said to the manager, "is that the way you speak to your customers and talk to your customers", and told the police woman I wasn't even talking to her. She said on behalf of Walmart I have to leave.

To date, an assistant manager has left me a message but was not available by phone to explain my concerns. I have 3 elderly facilities that I shop for on a weekly basis at Walmart. That money will now be going to SAVE-A-LOT.

I realize If you want to be treated like a number or an ***, frequent this Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I got kicked out when they removed all the history of the rebel flag. I was whistling Dixie when I went in but I didn't make it by the cash register.


Don't ever waste your time talking to the store manager call the 800 number because the complaint goes through the ranks and it is officially recorded. Though it does seem like when I go to check out every other customer in the store is checking out at the same time and it does not make sense to have only one cashier especially when the person in front of you has a basket filled from the bottom to the top with groceries and the line is backing up into ladieswear.


Who gives a dam about any of this "***".Dont't shop at WALMART if you cannot wait your "TURN"In line.All of these post make me"SICK".People are alway's losing their "CHILDREN"Not only in "WALMART"But everywhere you go,This is because people do not "KEEP UP WITH THEIR KIDS".They let them run feel.Then they want everyone to drop everything to help look for them.Some people do not"DESERVE TO BE PARENT'S,*** they cannot even keep up with their self less on a "CHILD.It is so "SAD".But actually this sound's like "*** TO ME".


You're an ***. I got kicked out for simply letting the manager know how rude the employees had been to me.

I never even once raised my voice.

I was completely calm. Yet he didn't care what I had to say and decided to kick me out.


Maybe you got kicked out because you resulted to childish name calling. I am glad the manager kicked you and the OP out of the store.

Most are pigheaded and care rather about sales than their employees. I am the manger did not let you abuse the employees, and I doubt we are getting the whole truth here.

You would not have been kicked out if you were not being abusive. If you are resulting to childish name calling an bullying other members here I am sure you were the same in the store and got kicked out for that.


Hi folks-

Just wanted to let y'all know - it appears this thread was hijacked by someone who was not the original poster. The hijacker is the one who spun the tale of the woman with the lost daughter, and all subsequent entries.

If you look closely, the OP was located in Miami, and the hijacker located in Kirbyville, Texas. They are just trying to get y'all spun up for their amusement...


You can put any location on this you genius. You can change your location to anywhere in the world. So your hacker theory is wrong.


So your saying that there was a mother who had lost her child and came running to the cashier asking for help to locate her lost 4 year old daughter and you were mad because this worried mother cut you in line? Then you proceed to tell her that you wished her 4 year old missing daughter was kidnapped and raped?

And you wonder why they kicked you out of the store!? You must be retarded if you think they kicked you about because of race. Also, odviously the other customers in line would gang up on you. You just told someone you wished their kid is kidnapped and raped!!!

Do you know how you sound!

My god, I hope you get kidnapped and raped! Your disgusting.


I purchased a phone just a few days ago from a Wal-Mart. It was the best phone they had in stock for, 'straight talk' so it is the one I puchased.

I mentioned to the electronics cashier that if it wasn't satisfactory I would bring it back in a few days when they had some more inventory! As predicted it was unsatisfactory for myself so I went to a seperate wal-mart attempting to exchange it and pay the difference for a better model. I was informed that the receipt would be required even for an exchange. I polity got in my vehicle and went home to look for the receipt.

I was unable to find the receipt so I called corporate & informed them of my situation and hopeful their was something we could do, as I even noticed the box of the phone had an inventory sticker on it with the date of 4/2/13.(This being less than a week away from the actual date I'm attempting to exchange) They tell me to go to the store and they will send an email to the store and that they should even be able to pull up the purchase by the numbers located inside the barcode. I told them that I was not returning to the store I originally puchased from or even the closest one to me b/c neither one had the phone I was seeking. I was informed it was a the North Charleston branch, so she told me to go there and if any confusion tell them to call them. Sounding logical I made the 30 minute drive to the wal-mart.

As I entered within the first 10 minutes I had been told that they would not attempt to call their corporate and started to call for security and the police department. I was ridiculed for even telling them I had contacted corporate & dismissed as lying b/c the manager on sceen was telling me in a mocking manner, that there was no way I got corporate to answer the phone on a saturday! I told her that I honestly had but couldn't call them b/c my phone had died. Again they told me to get out the store.

I purchased a phone charger and sat in the area with the buggies for almost hour while my phone charged and I waited to speak to a representive of Wal-Mart. I told them what had happened and they said they were going to have someone meet me at the front desk within 15 minutes if not to call them back immediatly! I waited over the 15 minutes and only had managers coming out their office to point at me and then walk back in. By the time the 40 minute wait was up and the operator answered about 5 officers walked into the store requesting my attention.

I kindly stated that I was on the phone with corporate, while I think he doubted me he asked to speak.

So I handed the phone over telling her that he wanted her to verify who she was & he spoke to her for a while. Then when returning to me he stated I could talk to her on my way out ther door & proceeded to shove me to the door and walk me around the parking lot until I found my car!-( I was so embarrased and aggervated I honestly had tears coming out my eyes as I was driving away!


Firstly, WalMart is a horrible place to shop and work. I refuse to give them the benefit of my business, and I am a penny pincher. I would rather pay a few dollars more for something than contribute to part of what is wrong with this country, WM stiffs employee wages and keeps them just below full time so they don't have to offer health insurance, WM employees qualify for STATE ins in California thanks to WM, so really we pay for it through taxes.

Sir, I am a bleeding heart liberal and I have been discriminated against in my life and I've seen it happen. I have to tell you that you sound out of control, like a complete discriminatory sexist, so before you go playing the victim, please think of the women you have victimized. There is a longer history of SEXISM, and now it's socially acceptable. I am disappointed that you claimed yourself a victim of racism then actively engaged in sexism. If you change your generalization of "women" to the words "brown people" or "asians", people would be horrified.

Look inward, sir, this incident will hopefully serve as an eye opener for you, and your contribution to society.


race *card*


I cant even count how many times ive asked for another cashier when theres a long long line and only one employee working. There are HUGE holes in this story and pertinent details missing.

Give me a break. Oh. Also? Stop playing the race catd.

That got old a long time ago. Rude is rude no matter what you look like.


Also I think the manager called the police to suck ***. Sorry for the expression.

The other people were sticking up for that rude lady who lost her child in the store. She took their side because I am black and she does not want my business because she thinks I don\'t have enough money to shop and that I am a shoplifter. She called the police because there were other people in line arguing with me when I told the mother who lost her child off. She just wanted to get rid of me so they can feel safe and that pig who threatened to arrest me should lose her job.

She was abusing her power. She told me I should never have told the mom that I wished her daughter were kidnapped and raped and murdered and that I needed to calm down and leave the store and stop using profanity. It\'s a free country I will use profanity if I want.How do you know Walmart does not hire police. Perhaps they give them free donuts for taking their side.

Perhaps they go to Dunkin Donuts and donate them to the police station. The point is the policewoman should have sided with me and not the people who were ganging up on me and harassing me.The store manager sent her regrets and told me that I was not allowed to shop at her store no more. Who cares I was mistreated by donut eating pigs at your store I wont be returning even if you gave me things for free. What a loser the manager sounds like my ex wife, so does the police women.

My ex wife was a ***, so was the police woman and manager. I guess women in positions of power are ***. Most likely they were suffering form PMS.

Women should not be allowed in positions of power they just abuse their privlages. They should be at home cooking for their husbands.


Well I was in line first and instead of helping me she helped another customer with a lost child. I was there first.

The mother was very rude and cut in line and I told her that I hope that someone kidnaps her child and rapes and kills her 4 year old daughter. Instead of telling me that I should not be talking like this an talking to me about it in a calm manner she called the police behind my back. I first complained about lack of cashiers before that woman came crying because she lost her four year old daughter and that manager was more interested in helping some negleient parent than me.

The policewoman took the store's side and told to leave. She said it was another customer who called the police on me and not the manager.

She is either lying or the manager is giving a false name. Some of the other customers were rude to me and the manager did nothing about it. (such as that lady who cut in front of me in line.) When I made that comment about wishing the lady's daughter turns up dead one of them started yelling at me saying this was not nice. There was no fighting, just a few customers ganging up and yelling at me.

The other customers lied and said that I was upsetting the mother of the lost child(who was found because the manager paged a code adam.) I told the policewoman I was not dealing with her and the policewoman asked me to leave. I refused and she threatened to arrest me. At this point I left. I wished I stood up to her and challenged her on her arrest.

I would have sued her for making a false arrest.

I called the manager to complain about her calling the police on me and she has replied that she does not want me returning to her store. I have not returned ever since.


You are a sick person in need of serious help. I truly hope you are not a mother and never become one.

To wish something like that on a child?? Low life ***


"I went to find a manager and she said she was going to do something about it. Well, she went to look for the police!."

There is more to this story than what you are telling us. The manager would not just kick you out of the store because you complaint.


I belive you, walmart will lie and treat their customers like ***, te minute they look bad or don't like what you say, they kick you out and trust me im sueing them for it! It may be private property but its still public domain!


You're surely leaving something out of this story. Securitywould not be called for Just



Its clear you guys don't live in Miami. If you did, you would know that stores often hire police officers to do security.

SN/ just got a call from asst mgr Diane. She expressed her regrets.

Who cares. She wasn't mistreated.


Sounds like this person had a run-in with Walmart Security, not the police by any means at all.

Walmart security can call the police in to enforce their rules, like making you leave since you are an angry person.