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I was actually thrown out of Walmart for complaining about the lack of cashiers!

I visited this Walmart on New Years Eve to purchase a money order. There were about 15 people in the line and only one cashier. I went to find a manager and she said she was going to do something about it. Well, she went to look for the police.

When the policewoman came, there was no one fighting and I asked what were they going to do about the lack of cashiers.

The policewoman told me that I needed to be quiet because I was making all of the other people in the line mad. I said to the manager, "is that the way you speak to your customers and talk to your customers", and told the police woman I wasn't even talking to her. She said on behalf of Walmart I have to leave.

To date, an assistant manager has left me a message but was not available by phone to explain my concerns. I have 3 elderly facilities that I shop for on a weekly basis at Walmart. That money will now be going to SAVE-A-LOT.

I realize If you want to be treated like a number or an ***, frequent this Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Walmart doesn't hire police....I repeat, Walmart does NOT hire police. Nobody can "hire police" by definition, Police are a government entity and not available for private hiring.

They hire regular people who have no more authority than you and I. All they can do it take pictures and fill out reports, and watch security monitors.


They hire policeman to work in the store for security purposes so they are always there. I think the manager called the police initially because there were other people in the line arguing.


Walmart will not call the Police over something like that are you leaving something out?


Ahhh. Comments and criticisms by the CEOs of Idiotville.

Glad I don't live there. I can tell they shop thee, "always" lol


You are nothing but a number. And Walmart doesn't care if you never go there again.

They have millions of customers. You sound like an angry person and shouldn't be allowed in public anyway.


If there were lines, the manager was probably fully aware of it and unable to do anything about it. Listening to you whine and cry about wasn't going to do anyone any good. Just like now.