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I went to shopping at Walmart for baby toys. I stopped and looked at the dvd collection.

I decided to buy a new dvd titled Kevin Hart, "laugh at my pain." The dvd was on sale for $9.97. After I completed my shopping trip I headed to the cash register and paid good money for the dvd. My father drove me back home and I couldn't wait to check out the sitcom. I tore off the wrapping and open the case and it was empty.

I had got ripped off by Walmart again. I wanted to return everything I bought and stop shopping at that Walmart. i was lucky i held on to my receipt.

I called and ask for a full refund. I return to the store the next day and they looked at my receipt and the manager gave me a new Dvd.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Portland, Maine, United States #736111

This happens all the time. It's not Walmart's fault.

Since they stopped putting those plastic stickers across the side edge of the DVD cases it's easy for someone to slpit the package, remove the disc, place it back on the shelf and the package look fine. Blame the manufacturer not Walmart.

Austin, Texas, United States #673726

I live in Texas and over the past year there have been several stories on the news regarding customers buying anything from ipads to dvds and opening only to find they were empty. They were all wrapped and had blank cds in them and paper in the ipad packaging to match the weight.

Walmart researched the issues and discovered they had been purchased and return...supposedly unopened. Many customers are now opening ipads and other expensive electronics right after purchase in front of the cashier or at the customer service department.

Walmart knows this is an ongoing problem which is why they participated in the news report. They even suggested customers opening their purchases while still in the store with employees witnessing.


Be lucky they did that. When it comes to DVDs, it is extremely difficult to know whether the customer is undermining the company or not.

Buying a movie or music, burn it, and then return it. Or in this case, claim there was never a disc to begin with.

(Not saying you are lying, but Wal-Mart can't take your word for it) It's this reason why stores are so very strict on returning media. I would be glad they gave me a new DVD if anything.


What more do you want? They corrected the error.

It is not their fault the DVD case was empty. It was either a manufacturer's defect or someone stole it. I have had that happen a couple of times. I get home and the bottom of the packaging was sliced with a razor blade and they got the DVD.

You seem really dramatic over something that was fixed.

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