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I bought a drink at the Walmart neighborhood market in Fayetteville Arkansas and then went to a couple of classes I had that day as I had not been able to get a parking pass yet and upon returning I noticed my car was gone and sure enough they had towed it. No warning no nothing.

I went in later that day to speak to a manager and the guy hardly said anything, he just smirked at me. I tried to be as nice as possible but I couldn’t help but be panicked, I knew many others who parked there everyday and I had done it two or three times at most and most of those were only for an hour and a half. I was properly parked as well, and the lot was nowhere near full. Eventually I lost my patience with the first manager as he was very rude and I lost my patience and started to lose my manners so then I just left to go get my car.

Later on, I called the store manager and upon me telling her the reason for my call she was Immediately hostile and just overwhelmingly rude to me. Keep in mind I am a regular customer at this Walmart and do all of my grocery and regular shopping there. She then told me that I was no longer a customer the second I left the parking lot. I then asked her if that was on the sign and she then snarked back at me “It doesn’t matter what’s on the sign!” I then stated that there was an unfamiliar scrape on my front lip of my car and she told me that it was up to the towing company.

I was very polite to this “store manager” but she showed absolutely no signs of courtesy and when I asked who was going to pay for the damages to my front bumper she said “that’s up to the tow company, I’m not paying for anything, I do not have time for this and hung up on me. I then attempted to call her back and clarify a few things but she wouldn’t talk to me and told the kind floor employee I was on the phone with that she wouldn’t be talking to me about this again.

Later on after I went and payed the $110 yo reclaim my car (which also happens to be over half of my bank account as I am 17 and pay for all of my own bills including my car) my mother called the manager from her phone and was also very manner full and she just said that she did not appreciate all of the rudeness I was treated with just for parking in a parking spot and the lady began to lie to her and say that I had cursed her out and that I had been exceptionally rude on the phone (all of which was not true) but I digress, this is overall very frustrating for me and I cannot afford to even pay for my insurance this month because of it. I find it interesting that someone who is the manager of a store like Walmart could be this rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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In addition to the fact that you can't read and understand plain English, it's hard to feel sorry for a "poor" student who drives a BMW convertible.


I mean.... it does say customer parking only?

Just cause you buy one thing doesn’t mean their lott is now yours.

If I go to your house once and you let me in, can I come in whenever I want? No.


You do realize this is your fault right?


If you put a quarter in a parking meter for 10 minutes of parking you don't get to park there all day. You can get a ticket and possibly towed anytime after that 10 minutes has expired.

Once you are done shopping at Walmart your use of their lot expires as well. They are not a parking lot for your school. I expect they have a number of students like you trying to use their lot rather than paying for parking elsewhere.

You got caught and had to pay the price. All your fault, not theirs.


"others who parked there everyday" AND... SO WHAT!

The sign clearly says customer parking. That means while you're an active customer. It doesn't mean just because you bought a drink you bought the space. When you're done shopping, you're no longer a customer.

Please tell me you understand this and aren't being obtuse. You just did it on the wrong day. Too bad for you. You got your @#$# towed.

This is all on you fool...

Please do not reproduce.... And consider not going to "school" if this simple concept escapes you...


Then send their Corporate Headquarters a letter detailing your complaint. Their contact information is found on the internet.

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