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I work for the deli at Walmart. Thinking I'd have a much easier time because there is people I know back there and they are nice and plenty of room to move around and there are no managers breathing down your neck.

Boy, was I wrong! After the bad experience had working as their cashier I decided to leave the front end and work for the deli department I thought it would be fun and plus you get to make more money. But some of the new people they hired to work back there are ***!!! I Have to keep my temper when they keep annoying me.

We also have a new deli manager I thought she was cool, but she's not. She is always calling me out for ***; I'm human. I make mistakes nobody is perfect! Honestly, I don't like people telling me what do, but if I'm getting paid to do the work, I have no choice but to listen to you.

Just be nice about it and I'll do anything you say; I'm a grown woman! I don't need to be talked down to like I'm a child or spoken to like a *** servant!!!. Last week I made sure I reach to work an hour early so that I wouldn't be late. I was tired from last night's work, but I was in a good mood.

I clocked in, walked up to the deli and got to work like always. First twenty minutes has gone by and here comes the manager " Julie, what time did you clock in?!" I said 11am " Did you clock in and wait to come up here!?" No. I clocked in and came straight to the deli. You can asked the other manager because I walked past him coming up here!

I said. But before I could tell her all of this, she walked away. I was seething inside because she did this while I was serving a customer! They already know how embarrassing that is; yet they still do it!!!

I already been there for four years; If I didn't need this job so badly I would quit today and punch these managers on the out!!! And that *** that lied on me; I'd fix her jaw too!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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hey this story was amazing i also worked in clackamas but it wasn't worth the gas money to go there. these anonymous people that posted below me, have no idea of what its like to work for an employer that makes you work to the bone.

Walmart shouldn't even be a company or should at least get out of Oregon. Oregonians already suffer enough with corporations like Safeway and Walmart and target.


oh yeah that'll show her huh? you end up quitting on them then assault them on the way out ending up in jail for assault + battery which will cost you money you now DON"T have since you quit the job ? sheez some people


Sounds like you have the same problem as many employees today. It's called an attitude problem.