I was visiting Walmart in Portage, In on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. I got a magazine, a stick of gum, and went to the self check out. I dont carry a purse, but I had my wallet with me. After I checked out I stuck my wallet in my bag because my hands were full and the self check out associate stopped me. She mumbled something I couldnt understand, and I was like, um what? And the she said in an extremely rude tone: Open your bag. I opened it and she was like "Oh its a purse." And I was like "Yeah its a purse." I didnt get an apology. I was so irritated. I sat down at subway to read my magazine and then the more I thought about it, I was fuming. I can understand being conscious about shoplifting, but if that woman was really doing her job she would have seen that that was my wallet when I inserted my ten dollar bill in that piece of *** machine that doesn't work half the time and then put my change back in the wallet. I might have been less angry and humiliated if she had apologized!

If I wasnt such a passive person, I would have asked to speak to the manager. Although from reading the stories on here, I can't see how that could have helped.

WALMART: WAKE UP and realize that the customers are NUMBER ONE. Keep this *** up and people are going to stop shopping at your stores! You just lost a customer!

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #134229

I am sure that Wal-mart feels the same hatred for you as you do for them since you steal and make prices go up. No wonder that person is complaining

Avocado is to expensive, she has you to blame.


The fact that you have a criminal record is your OWN FAULT and you cant blame others for that. Uhm... NOPE.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #134035

I think the one more thing person is the same. They wer caught shoplifting, got angry and now are complaining about every little thing.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #134029

sorry does not always fix things.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #134028

Two boys back in England commited a terrible crime(not as terrible as yours) they abducted a two year old boy from a mall. They walked him till they reached the train tracks.

There they stoned him to death after covering his face with blue paint. They said they were sorry.

That does not mean that they should be forgiven. They only said sorry in hopes of not getting fully convicted, probably the same reason you apologiized.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #134027

At the Wal-mart I work in they told us to check the receipts and bags, but not to check people's backpacks, purses and we cannot force them to show our bags.

I don't know who "one more thing" is but I would not be surprised if the person that actually wrote is not "one more thing." My guess is "one more thing" is just a teenager that wants to get everyone riled up and has no connection to the person actually writing the letter. If they are the same person than hopefully they learned their lesson and learn to take responsibility for their actions and admit it is their own fault they have a Criminal record.


Instead of telling us to ****, it would be nice if you grew up a little and stopped asking for favors. You said you were humiliated because the clerk was doing her job? You've been caught shoplifting before at this store; most likely, they know who you are and are watching you.

It was YOUR choice to shoplift the item. "I'm sorry" doesn't work. You consciously made that decision, and yes, it did go on your record. It should have.

It sounds like Wal-Mart did just fine with their job. It's just the customer was expecting favors the he/she can't be granted.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #133839

Why don't you all *** off and not respond to my letter.


To OP: Don't be oversensitive, anything you bag at the self check-out should register as a sale. You therefore made a mistake to bag your purse. I am grateful that the Walmart employee was doing her job, this proves that they are working to minimise "shrinkage" losses and therefore they try to contain costs, which eventually benefits us as consumers.


@one more thing

You try to steal and think an apology will make it all better? Think about it:

I come to your place and steal a 6 pack. Yer pissed and you would liek noting better than to punch me in the face and you'll never welcome me back. Do you really think a "I'm sorry" will make it all better?

Now to the OP how much in merch do you lose a yeear to theft? How many employees don't get a raise because kids like one more thing rip you off? If a single person was rude to you then that person should face up to that. But come off yer throne!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #133640

When I was caught shoplifting at this store the *** rent a cop did not even accept my apololgy he called the police on me. Even though this happened over two years they still look at me like a crook.

I have a criminal record thanks to them.

I am only 21 and this will last for my whole life. Thanks for reading my letter.

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