Richmond, British Columbia
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Walmart is the worst company in the entire world. I will never shop here again and make sure no one else does!

I hope walmart goes out of business. They are rude and take advantage of their employees and you never find the products that are in the flyer (false advertisement, bait and switch). And there is never parking near the door and I am in a wheel chair.

I hope they go out of business. I never will ever shop there again. I used to shop here lots and I will never ever do it again. I hate wal mart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

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How can you say that Walmart takes advantage of their employees???? I am treated very well at Walmart and they also pay very well. So don't worry about their employees...they are doing great!!!


You are the epitome of why many are losing faith in the human race. Get over yourself.


exactly. What is wrong with people?

Don't like it, don't shop there.


So how do you suggest Wal-Mart make more front row parking spaces?


"I hope walmart goes out of business."

You hope 2 million people suddenly become unemployed? Nice.


Yeah he does sound like either a *** or a six year old does he not. The worst thing is the rudeness was probably been told no.


I shop at Walmart all the time and have no problem with them. I and my wife have placards allowing us to park ion close bhy spaces and never have a problem.

I think your attitude sucks and they pick up on it and treat you like the miserable consumer you are. Get on with your life and stop nbitching!


I don't have any trouble with rude employees at WalMart, sometimes it depends on the customer's attitude. You can catch more flies with honey, than vinegar.

As far as items in their ads go, I have never had any trouble finding the items that I want when they are advertised. How do you know they take advantage of their employees, other than what you hear on the news? I know people that have worked at WalMart for many years and I have never heard them complain about being mistreated. I think the things you hear on the news comes from employees that think they are entitled to preferential treatment.

When you apply for a job at any business along the lines of discount stores, fast food places, etc. you really shouldn't expect too much. You might can make sure a few people don't shop at WalMart, but there is no way you can make sure nobody does. If you are in a wheel chair , unless you need extra space to put a ramp down, you shouldn't have any trouble accessing the store, even if you can't get a handicapped parking place.

If you need a handicapped parking place and there are cars parked in the handicapped places and the cars don't have handicapped identification on them, you can call the cops and the improperly parked cars will be given a hefty fine. You basically come across as a complainer.