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I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW I WAS TREATED AT WALMART TODAY! I had just had a good lunch at McDonald's, having my daily meal of 5 Big Macs, 10 large fries, 50 chicken nuggets and 10 diet sodas because I'm trying to not go over 500 pounds because 490 is enough. First off, I walk in the door after being in the rain and there was no employee there to offer me a towel! the manager claimed that it's not their responsibility to dry off customers and that I should wear a jacket or bring an umbrella. well I got an umbrella by stealing it, what know Walmart? well it doesn't end there, believe it or not..

I walk to the jewelry section and the employee has the nerve to ask if I need help! I told her no, I'm happily married so why would I need a new ring? I told her that she'll have to speak to Bernie, my home office husband. she was scared but little did she know, I don't have a husband. I made him up to scare the employees. so then I go over the food section to find out that they only have 15 packs of oscar mayer bacon left! I needed 30 packs because I need a pack for my breakfast each morning of the month. now all I have is my eggs, sausage, pancakes, french toast, waffles, and omlettes. the employee stated that he had checked earlier because he wanted to stock the section but he knew that there was no extra in the back. I made him check anyway and he came back with nothing! disgusting!

the last part of this horrible shopping experience was this nasty cashier. I've heard that she was originally from New Jersey and that's such a disgusting state! so that means that she's a disgusting person. she actually had the nerve to ask me how I was doing, like I want to talk to trash like her. I pulled out my coupon to get a $1 off of a frozen pizza. well I had 30 frozen pizzas and she stated that the coupon was for one pizza. I yelled at her and she started to cry, so I snatched the coupon out of her hand and demanded that a manager come up. she apologized and said she was exhausted because she had spent the whole night in the hospital with her friend who was sick and she was working 10 hours today. I told her I didn't give a ***, so the manager came over and told me the same old story. I spit on the coupon and stuck it in the managers face and told them that my beloved Bernie will be giving them a call. he told me that he was aware that Bernice was fake, how dare he! even though he was right. so I flipped the cart over and broke jars in the process. serves them right! I hope that cashier had to clean all of it up.

so what a wonderful day for me! I can only imagine what it will be like when I go back tomorrow. I did leave with my stolen items but didn't bother to pay for the rest with my hard earned money sent to me by the government. I got some Wendy's to calm me down afterwards but Wendy's had the nerve to tell me that it would be a 15 minute wait because they had to make more food because apparently 12 meals and 12 frosty's is a lot to make. where can you get good customer service anymore?

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LMFAO!!! You're a fat, *** troll, who has nothing better to do in your life.

Why are my tax dollars paying retards like you? You are obviously fat as ***, and no man would ever date you. You're pissed because a store employee was being nice saying "How can I help you?" I bet every store will have you banned, so you can't spend one cent ever.

Hope you die eating McDonalds everyday you fat *** pig.

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These people are pretty delusional if they think we fall for their st, upid antics on this site.

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hahaha really?? I can easily recognize legitimate complaints but if you go to MrsLea's profiles, you can see that maybe a couple of her complaints at the most are actually reasonable complaints.

if you've even spent just a little time on this website like last year, you would have seen how many people were tired of her exaggerated stories.

all of her dozens of complaints are related to how much fast food she eats, how Outback Steakhouse took more than 5 minutes to get her food while they were busy and how Walmart wouldn't honor an old ad that she brought in so she blamed Walmart for her newspaper being late at home. the woman is a psycho, to say the least.


It is difficult to take this page seriously. It is always easy to find faults in everyone else while ignoring your own.

It's a shame that this person has let others actions occupy so much space in their mind & heart.

Not to mention their time. Life is too short to allow others actions disrupt their lives so much as this page indicates.


"IHateStupidCustomers" let me explain the situation better your head is so far up LadyScot's intestines when you pull it out all you can do is spew excrement. It appears you have so much more time than anyone else beside LadyScot since you have as many ignorant comments as she does. It is comical that you both are so bored with your own lonely lives that you both troll this website to attack and bash legitimate complaints.

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So now the MrsLea personality is being revised?

Don't you ever get a new cast of characters?

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really now MrsLea? because this story pretty much seems in line with the stories that you choose to post. crazy woman.


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oddly...I believe this is all true.. I see this customer everyday.


Can no one tell this person is being a smart ***----


Don, even IHateStupidCustomers gave her name out. This did not come from me as you can clearly tell.


Your the true meaning of Fat & *** No wonder the rest of us with fat are given such a bad rap. I hate Walmart also but its really got anything to do with the people it is however their junk that come from another county. Grow UP and get a life.


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MsLea, you're nuts. I think that about sums it up, there's not much more to you than your trailer, your fast food and your computer.


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