Russellville, Kentucky

I paid for 2 vouchers for 98$ tvs and when I went online with my access codes on the receipt where I have already paid for them up front, they had the audacity to want me to pay for them again before shipment. This is not acceptable and I want the 2 tvs that I have already paid for now!!

I am going straight to the manager of the store and complain everyday until I get my money back in full and I will never trust them again!!

What kind of *** is a *** voucher to get and pay for merchandise that you dont receive? Crooks, Crooks Crooks !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $206.

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You will not have to pay looks like you have to but you will not. Just continue on.


I was informed that they only allowed one tv per customer. How did you get 2 vouchers?


They probably had two people with them.

And for the OP just go to your local Walmart and ask the customer service person to complete the registration for you. If they say they can't tell them Corporate is telling them to do so.


Do you get paid to for your advice? Corporate is telling them to do so?

Who at corporate? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


:grin well maybe they just like me then I guess because when I had the issue the one I went to offered to do it for me because of the inconvenience.

I figured they were ordered to do it since ya know who wants to do extra work? :zzz Either way, just telling somebody with a problem what my experience was and hopefully something that could help them too.