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I was trying to get a treadmill for health reasons for my home and I wanted to get it at Walmart and wasn't unable to get it at Walmart and have it assembly so finally I decided to order the treadmill online and let it go to the store were thought it would be assembly but then found out that I would have to pick it up bring it home and have some company called handy to come and put it together so I was calling Walmart today for hours trying to find out how long pick up service would be open where I can come and pick up the treadmill and if they would have someone to put it into my car for me at the time when I get there and I cannot get anyone to answer the phone they continue to this pick up and hang up the phone and pick up and hang up the phone and I call the pharmacy and ask the pharmacy to transfer me to a manager and the pharmacy transferred me but whoever the manager is hang up the phone also so me as a customer feel that something needs to be done this is happening on Rivers avenue Walmart and it's also happening on Dorchester road Walmart they need to have one person per shift that only answers the phone and direct people and answer the question is a pickup order or whatever question the customer have the one person can have that phone and that way if they hung up on or they cannot get through then they'll know who that person is that is in charge of answering those calls but something needs to be done because for a person to drive all the way to Walmart to find out the merchandise is not there are they not able to pick it up cuz the car too small not the right size or they don't have anybody to put the merchandise in a car for them if it's too heavy that is just too much for a customer to have to drive that far to find that out so please contact me when this is revolved and resolve because Walmart needs to do better one person per shift need to be responsible the answering the phone and giving the customer the the answers that they need and then move on to the next call so there is no reason why the managers cannot assign one person per shift and that's what they supposed to do thank you very much.

Preferred solution: Assign one person to the phone per shift.

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