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I did get a refund from Walmart, and I was able to purchase a OEM Battery. FOrd is picky about OEM parts. MOTERCRAFT is the way to go!

Original review posted by user Feb 02, 2014

I never have had to change out a Battery In a vehicle. EVER.

I have owned several Used vehicles. Over a Dozen. I purchased this one. And every 3 days it would not hold a charge.

I thought it was something with the vehical. I searched high and low. Took it to every mechanic possible. It was the Battery.

So I found out it had a warranty on it. So I exchanged it for a new one. Ok no problem right? WRONG.

it took it 1 month to go completely dead again. After 2 days of not using my vehicle it decided to die. I have no lights even installed on the vehicle inside. So even if this was a Door Ajar issue the lights are not actually in there to light up.

Plus it does not show any warnings of door being ajar. and yes that warning light works. So now I am just going to go in and exchange it for a battery I know that works. Its a 12o.oo battery.

I cant believe this. Never have I had a issue with a Battery.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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And this is Walmart's fault how??


Perhaps if you had bought the larger battery at Wal-mart you wouldn't have had a problem either.


This was the largest battery they offered for my size 65, which is universal sizing across for batteries. It was rated for the Southern Version which only gives you a Lower CCA.

Verses the Northern Version gives you a 850 CCA. I agree the store should be carrying the Everstart Maxx 65N instead of Everstart Max 65S . Google it. ANd read the reviews on that size battery.

There are a lot of complaints.


No its a expedition. No it does not have a short.

The Ford Eddie Bowers and Heavy Trucks, need heavy duty Batteries. I believe this battery would be fine probably with a Honda Civic, or a regular vehical that does not have Taxing demands on a Battery. But a Battery is more than just something that starts your car. It keeps Cycling as you are driving, its charging and discharging.

Evidently These batteries don't hold a Candle to the one I purchased which is OEM. and has a CCA of 875 and a CA of over 1000. Now I purchased the OEM, it fixed a couple of other little things that where an issue, like the automatic locks, when you hit the breaks. With the other battery, it created confusion with my locks.

doing it over and over again. As if the Battery or my vehicle Had a Short. I just got back from the Mechanics, and there is NOTHING wrong with my car. It was the batteries the whole time.

These Expeditions, with 2 heater Cores, 2 AC units, takes A LOT OF POWER, and the little 675 CCA was NOT enough for my truck. It was the Batteries Fault.

It shorted itself out by overload.


Your car has a short. Not all issues are reported on the computer.


The car has no interior lights??? Is it a Flintstones car?


No I took them all out to see if it was a Door Ajar issue.


I know lots of people that use WalMart batteries and never have trouble with them.


We are one of them. And guess what? Walmart gets batteries from the same place every other store gets them.


Yes Johnson makes just about all batteries. there are only 3 different battery manufactures in the world.

Johnson are also the ones who make Interstate.

Does not mean its a good battery.