Clovis, New Mexico

My wife and I just came back from Wal-Mart in Clovis NM. We are both regulars at the location after loading our shoppingcart I thought first time this year let me by 6 pack of beer, remind you i am paying, logics says (beer is for me) and she said I know but I have to id everyone with you.

Who makes this law.I have my son 8 months old wife older dirt, (just kidding honey) but she is hovering up there. I researched there is no such a thing in NM. I was paying with my own debit card. we asked for a manager who stating it was a state law but it is not.

It is Wal-Mart 's policy for them to be logical about it but unfortunately it is not being managed properly and I am sure they want to sell however it don't make no difference to these people only thing is I left with ammberasment and shame because you have all the people next to you behind you and all around me thinking you are an alcoholic probably. My fist time out shopping in public palaces this year including Wal-Mart due to my PTSD issues.

I will not go again. I have never been humiliated in my life-like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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It is not the law it is just store policy. Did the clerk card your 8 month old?If she did that then i have to agree she is a i d i o i t.I hate when clerks lie and say it is the law when it is not.They should just say it is store policy.


It is the law genius, Target and Kmart does the same, when you are old enough to drink you will notice this. Since you are most likely 11 you don't know this.


It is a state law genius, and judging from the spelling errors in your review you are an alcoholic, the alcohol obvious killed your brain cells, same with Anonymous from New Mexico, who is too young to drink. I don't think she is 19 as she claims, if she were 19 she would not be mistaking being told no as rudeness.


The same thing happened to my boyfriend. He buys a six pack of beer every once in awhile.

Even though I'm underage, we've never had both our id's checked. It's not like we're alcoholics and if people my age (19) want to drink, we'll find a way. The lady said she couldn't sell the beer to my boyfriend because I'm underage. I offered to stand outside but she said "I've already seen you so I can't do that".

Who would really find out about that? Btw she was a really rude lady with long reddish brown hair...


So you could have just said fine, whatever and stopped at another store enroute home.


It's because of ZERO-TOLERANCE policies and laws. They card everyone - regardless of what their appearance is.

I'm 56 and have grey hair. I'm carded for purchasing a horror movie, and again for some type of cleaning chemical. Pretty soon, it will be because the microwave popcorn I buy has "Movie Theater Butter"!!!

I'd expect you to be a bit more mature in dealing with this.

You obviously fell uncomfortable buying beer? Why? I used to feel like that when I was 16 buying Penthouse at the 711. What's your excuse?

Maybe you could stand out front of the store and ask someone to buy it for you?

A few times, I smile and say "Do I Realllly have to show you my id"? And they just smile and say "no". A few times, I've shown My ID and thanked the cashier commenting on that it was a long time since I was carded on anything.

The other people around me laughed - as what I intended.

It's uncomfortable for them also to have to ask for ID, when they obviously know your over 18!

They risk there jobs if they don't ask. Take it up with the Store manager, not the cashiers.

Humor and a smile is far more effective than an irate grimace.


This wasn't anything to be humiliated about. People that get humiliated that easily have to develop thicker skins. I realize you have PTSD, but still it wasn't anything to be humiliated about and raising a stink over.