I understand that some days are rough. sometimes leaving your issues at home when you head off to work is easier said, than done. So, with that said, I'll retell my horrible experience at WALMART while being cashed out.

-I had one item: a mirror.

I found it in the regular isle, I loved it, and I knew I had to have it. (I had some cash to burn, so why not?) the sticker for the price had said 39.99 when I got to the register the item scanned with a value of 59.99.

The woman told me the total after tax and I realized it much more expensive than I had planned. I asked her why it was over 60 dollars and she reminded me about tax. I agreed and pulled out my money, and paid. as I was leaving the store, I looked at my receipt, and saw the charge of 59.99. I walked back to the section where I found the mirror and once again saw the 39.99 price tag. I pulled out my phone and took a picture and walked to the customer service desk to get my money back.

--Thinking it would be quick to return an item i literally just purchased would be fast, I waited as 3 people ahead of me listed off their complaints to a girl who looked no older than 18. When I finally got to the desk I showed her the picture of the rice tag, told her I was charged wrong.

The woman smirked and raised an eyebrow

"Are you sure you were in the right section?"

-yes, its the same place where I found the mirror. I just took a picture to show you that a tag should be changed because I was charged too much.

"Was this in the mirror isle?"

-yes. thats where I grabbed this mirror from.

"And youre sure you were in the right place?"

---This annoying exchange went on for about 5 minutes until I was refunded. The woman never told me I was right or thanked me for telling her about the pricing situation just handed me my money and quickly started talking to a couple other employees as I walked away.

I wanted the mirror. I just wanted to pay what the tag aid, not an extra 20 dollars. I went back and grabbed same type of mirror and proceeded to a register.

I was overcharged. AGAIN.

I showed the picture to the cashier and she asked if I read the tag right, and if I was in the right spot.

I was frustrated and left the mirror at the register and walked out.

Worst service I have ever been given.

Target is where I shop now, and the employees are actually nice and helpful.


--well, unless you like rude service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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