Maywood, New Jersey

Just got back from the walmart in Garfield New Jersey. I bought a movie on my card and got 20dollars back.

The guy shut the draw before I could ask for it to be broken down. He told me customer service could change it for me. Then customer service told me I had to go to register 16 and then the girl at register 16 told me she couldn't open her drawer. Is this what retail has come to??

I spent many many early years in retail and making change for people is a service everybody used to offer. What happend?

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I realize that this complaint is older but for anyone who needs to know: at register 16 or the cigarette lane there is-at least at the Walmart I work at-a small podium that the supervisors go to to give out change to cashiers who need it. If a customer needs change they can go to the podium, ask the cashier running the register by the podium to page a supervisor, and when the supervisor arrives the customer can break down larger bills or get change. Cashiers can't open their drawers without a supervisor's approval and for the most part aren't supposed to break down bills because it leaves them with less of the smaller bills or coins to give to customer's that need them for cash purchases as change.


I am surprised that customer service would not break down $20. But, then again, before the $20 was given, I would of asked nicely.


Yeah, NcoClub nailed it. I realize from your point of view, it seems like a simple request, but there are security measures in place so the cashiers can't do that. Believe it or not, a 16 year olds who make $7 aren't the most trustworthy people.


If you need your cash back in change you need to ask for it in a timely manner as the cashier cannot just open the cash drawer once it has been closed unless it has opened for a transaction. This is a security measure almost every retailer uses to reduce "shrinkage" (or theft).