Sanford, Maine

I was an Assistant Manager at Walmart for almost 3 years and I want to set a couple things straight. Associates- please try not to hate your managers.

Some of them are cruel, but the real problem is high above store level. Everything is tracked on the computer now - how fast items are scanned at the register, how fast the stockers are at night, if stocking and binning are complete by 7am, bin accuracy, modular completion, pick completion etc. The market and divisional managers only care about these numbers and drill that into your store manager's head. So the store manager scares and stresses out the assistants, telling them to "just get it done.

You can't leave tonight until it's done." The store I worked at had only one associate for the salesfloor after 4:00 (the others were unloading the truck, running register, guarding electronics, or slicing meat in the deli) So anything that needed to be done, I had to do personally. I didn't mind rolling up my sleeves and working with associates, but as a salaried manager, you are supposed to supervise at least 50% of the time (not just work constantly) There were many days I put in 15-18 hours. Please understand the company is evil, not the people who work there. I think some of the long-term managers get corrupted after a while.

I've heard managers insult employees and make disturbing remarks about them. Also, the "open door policy" is a joke. I went to my market manager with a problem and he screamed at me and kicked me out of his office. My complaint was that I had been written up as a new manager for substituting a product with the one hour guarantee after black Friday.

Our training told us to do that if the product wasn't coming into the store, I just didn't do it the right way in the computer. So, I asked him to please over-turn my write-up due to lack of training. He said "a lot of training is trial and error." I (very calmly) stated that if the training policy was trial and error, they had to allow for some errors. So, people, please heed my warning.

Don't accept a promotion if they offer you one, it's really not worth it. My health and relationships struggled while I worked there. Customers, know that this will never change unless people stop going there.

As long as they get away with it, they'll keep doing what they do. PS- the new wage structure is just going to lead to cutting hours, lower raises, and inherently worse customer service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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..."After 2 HOURS of being belittled and lectured by management (seriously, it took so long that they switched managers out halfway through), with me in tears and not being allowed to get two words in, they finally got me by telling me what a disappointment and bad example"...

That sums up most of Walmart's management, from the District Managers up. There are a few good Store Managers, but these just haven't been weeded out yet.

To our customers...

This is a major reason you Walmart experience sucks..

1) Although they may only represent <5% of the customer base, the numbers translate into a barrage of people looking for free stuff, at any cost.

2) If it isn't these "few" customers making us feel about as useful as a viral infection, it's our own management.

I've shopped at Walmarts most of my life. Every store I've been in has basically the same problems. That's nearly 30 years. There are still 3000 "outs" on the shelves, long lines, ill trained associates, etc.

30 years of District level management beating the *** out of everyone that works there ... and yet absolutely nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing. I'm a Walmart AM.

I train my associates. My area's are always staffed. I make payroll, I make and typically exceed my comp sales. Customers with problems seek me out, because they stand a snowball's chance of getting them fixed.

My "outs" get filled. My associates keep asking when I'm rotating back to their department, because "everything just worked when you were here". Yet... I'm called "a failure" nearly every single day.

Walmart really needs to choose what they want more. To be a retailer, or a playground for enabled, self-centered, sadists? I've proven to myself, and others, that many of their in-store problems can be fixed. And, it isn't even that hard.

So, 30 years later - and nothing. To the customers here complaining about "*** associates", please understand...

The massive turnover and constant, typically broken, systems changes means almost everyone you interact with is un-trained. Those that stay may have really cared once upon a time, but that's been beaten out of them, mostly by senior management.


One month ago, I was put in the jewelry department to help a customer. I wasn't trained for jewelry, I didn't know that I would ever be covering jewelry, and I can't tell a diamond from a rhinestone.

Long story short, a scammer got me on a ring switch.

I did not get fired on a technicality (they found something smaller to write me up for after I told them that I would be going to corporate about the fact that they have supervisors routinely cover jewelry every night with no training), but I did try to quit. I did not succeed.

After 2 HOURS of being belittled and lectured by management (seriously, it took so long that they switched managers out halfway through), with me in tears and not being allowed to get two words in, they finally got me by telling me what a disappointment and bad example I would be for my daughter if I quit, and how would I pay our rent?

I still work there, but you can't tell me that I should not hate the managers. I hate them all.