Reston, Virginia

I can't believe how business has picked up for me!!,, My Girls are doing a landslide business, not to mention the loan business has picked up 200% and then some, I have NO problem with people paying me. Then again I'm only charging 10% interest, I feel like I should put up a great big sign, or a web sight. BUT I'd be busted faster than a child beater in a Wal-Mart, even though it's my own kid.!!! Thats funny-in a very sick way. It just goes to show you. PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF THE NEW YEAR, I'm NOT though if it keeps on this way, I don't care if Social Security goes broke, even though I worked enough to get it (if it's there)I'll be rolling (in my wheel chair ok!) with oxygen!!! WHAT A PLUS!!!!

Logical American,


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Why do you feel you are Loan Sharking, your rates are at 10%?


Maybe you can get Nitrous-that beats the *** out of regular O2.!!!