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My complaint is for the Walmart store in Pell City, Alabama. This is my hometown store and I frequent it a couple of times a week.

I usually spend SEVERAL hundred dollars a week. Today, I went in there to buy a couple of things and to also get a new lawnmower battery. I took my old battery in there several days ago, received there little "you haven't stole this ***" sticker but since they were out of stock, I took it home with me. Today, I enter again.

I walk passed the lady at the front that used to be called "greeters" you know...those cute little old people that can't live off of social security alone. Well, these are no longer "greeters". They have turned into some kind of reciept checking hound dog that will badger the customers. This lady begin to yell at me when I walked passed her with the battery in the cart (MY battery might I remind you).

She said that I had to have a sticker on the battery. I told her that I had a sticker on it from the other day. She made this huge ordeal about how that sticker was not good and I needed one with the correct date on it. Well, I told her there my battery was so do whatever she needed to.

After my blood pressure went down to normal levels, I continued my shopping. I was planning on trying on a bathing suit and went over to the women's dressing rooms. I have two small children, one of which can't walk yet and always bring my shopping cart into the big dressing room so the kids can sit in it while I try on the stuff. Well, this lady looked at me today and said "you are gonna have to take the kid out of the buggy before you can go in." I explained to her that I always go in with my cart and she said that because I had something in it, I could not take it inside.

Well, first off let me explain to you what was in the cart... it was empty except for a GALLON size jug of sweet tea! Okay, so I understand them wanting to cut down on theft...but I am a lady that is 5'4" and 135lbs. Where in God's green earth would I find to put a gallon size jug so that I could steal it????

I told that lady that Walmart was completely ridiculous and I was not having my child crawl around on their nasty floors while I tryed on a bathing suit. I threw it down and walked off. I thought that businesses were supposed to make their customers feel welcomed. This Walmart store is completely opposite.

From the time you walk in to the time you walk out, they make you feel like a hardened criminal. Maybe next time I will just go ahead and wear a *** orange jumpsuit and shackels.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #159186

All you idiots shut up none of you losers know what you are talking about. Wish I could remove my letter since only morons are replying.

Leaving walmart (No Caps for this store) the other day in Tracy California I was asked to show my receipt fine I complied. The lady did not ask anyone else for the receipt.

Kind of makes you feel like a criminal. Today the same lady asked me for a receipt when she was not asking anyone else. I simply refused and asked to see a manager. She let me out of the store.

Maybe she shouldn't have since I plan on taking my money to other stores in town. I am not going back :cry
the reason they stop you is more than just policy. If you enter a Walmart fitting room with a product, and leave without it visible, then they cannot stop you for any reason whatsoever without risking (receiving....and losing) a massive privacy lawsuit.

As *** as it sounds you could have walked out the door with that ice tea under your shirt...outline and all...and they cannot and WILL NOT stop you.

They figure the tea is cheaper than the 10 mil you'll get in the suit. I've had to let Xboxes walk out the door because of fitting room employees not staying to time I'd advise leaving everything directly on their little podium that you're not trying on and asking if that'll suffice...with a smile of course :) Then they shouldn't have an issue with the cart

Irish- Really? Maybe you should work for "Save the Children" or something!! Because if you think every parent that gets upset or even blows their top once in a while is a bad parent, then you need to go rescue every child in umm...the WORLD! Nevermind those children that live in abusive homes, have parents that are drug addictics, or are just homeless and living in orphanages. Oh NO! We should save the children that are loved unconditionally, live in a 5 bedroom 3 1/2 bath house with everything their little hearts could desire...just because mommy got upset at some old lady screaming at her because of a sticker on an old battery. Really? You know what...I feel sorry for your children...if youre *** a*s was ever blessed enough to have them because you are just plain silly.

The Past- Wow, you are the first person that has actually agreed with me! I'm not saying that I have a problem with them checking big ticket items or even the stuff that is unbagged. (That is store policy) But the store here checks everything whether it is bagged or not. A lot of times these sweet old "door greeters" will actually look through your sacks and check your reciept. But my problem came from their rudeness and how they will yell at you like you are child. I have been in a lot of Walmarts all over the country and never have seen one like this one.

Dante- I understand completely about cutting down on theft. That is afterall one of the ways that they keep our costs down, right? My problem, like I said to "The Past" isn't that they check receipts on large or unbagged items on the way out. (There store policy) I happily give my receipt to them to check if I have purchased something like that. My problem is when they check everything in your bags to your receipt, or they begin to yell at you as soon as you walk into the store. That my dear friend, is no where near store policy and needs to be something that is brought to the attention of upper management. I did talk to management that day and calmly described what happened and told him reasons why many people in this area no longer shop at this store. He told me some solutions that he was going to do. Since then, I have been back in this store many, many times and the problems that I told him about must have been promptly addressed because the greeters are much better. And on the subject of the dressing rooms. It would be different if they didn't usually let you in the big one. I have started to get my baby out of the cart before and they lady say "Oh no, you can just take her in so you won't have to get her out of the cart." So, that all depends on who is working at the dressing room. If the employees would have a little common sense then they would be a lot better at finding the people who are actually stealing and stop *** off the people that are good customers.


Okay excuse me if im wrong but it seems your being alil too overly dramatic or exaggerating. Thoes greeters are actually there to cut down on theft aswell its a "access control" system which places like walmart or bestbuy uses.

As for the lady at the dressing room.

She wanted you too take the baby out so you wouldnt hide anything inside it, doesnt matter what you had or you coulda put the green tea outside the cart. if you really wernt planning on stealing something i dont think youd have freaked out, unless you wanna start a scene or something.


Yeah those nice door greeters which used to be sweet elderly people, even gave your kids those wal-mart smiley stickers have now become these bitter ole "door ***" that need to check your receipt when you have a huge *** item in your cart. Really Like I would be soo foolish to steal a 42 inch TV in a cart after paying for other items and walk through the door. I don't blame those 'door greaters' soo much but the upper management of these hellish stores, that turn these nice people into bitter folks with corporate bs.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #143378

I still feel sorry for your children and the next generation of people if you are bring children to hehave like you. What a great role model you are calling people names ect. You must be a twelve year old "parent."


Irish- It is funny how ignorant people like yourself are quick to judge others. If you were in similar circumstances, I'm sure the outcome would not be much different.

This was meant to be a humerous yet b*tchy dipiction of how my local Walmart no longer values the customers that keep them in business. Oh, and by the way...I have an amazing husband and our children are fantastic. Thanks for asking, d*ck wad.

If you aren't actually interesting in reading pissy people writing pissy articles, then why are you on this freakin' site? Go back to rubbing one out on some skanky *** site.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #141094

If you calmed down and did not get emotional about little things you would not have to wait till your blood pressure drops. I feel sorry for your children.

You act like one yourself, how are they supposed to learn how to behave with a role model like you.

You have bad attitude. I bet you are divorced.


yesss wear the shackels please...

and a sexy jumpsuit...

hopefully hot pink with ruffles...


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