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I ordered 2 Lenovo ideapad 3... Order #588207*-205906

One of the items was broken and would not power on so, I took

it to the local Walmart store for an exchange.

My local store did not

have any so, I had no choice but to return since it was broken. Walmart

got the same item in and has them available now. I ask to get another

one which is like a replacement and the price be matched as to what I paid for the one I had bought. The Walmart customer rep.

was very rude and I got an immediate "NO". I ask if I could speak to a supervisor

and maybe a supervisor would consider the price match since I only wanted an exchange to begin with but an exchange wasn't available at the time. I was not allowed to speak to a supervisor and was refused... the rep.

saying "there is nothing we can do, unless you want to order another laptop for the new price"

The rep was rude.

I don't understand why I can't get replacement since it wasn't my fault it arrived broken...

In fact, it was an inconvenience to have to take it back but they (Walmart) act as if I am inconveniencing them.

This is the item number Model: 81WA00B1US Walmart # 58506****... this is my order number Order #588207*-205906

The main point is, if the item had not been broken, I would have never returned it!

If they had a replacement, I would have exchanged it!

It was ONLY returned because it would not power up and I had no other options as the store had no replacements and they were

out of stock online. NOW, they are in stock and I think it's reasonable to ask for a replacement since they are available now.

User's recommendation: Avoid Walmart if at all possible, big box stores have no customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Location: 935 Blowing Rock Boulevard, Lenoir, NC 28645

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Next time go to Best Buy.

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