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I got the wrong item. asked for a mailing label and the correct item.

was hung up on 3 times. they lied and told me they would be shipping me the correct item "quickly" but a week later I have nothing but the wrong thing. LIARS!!!!!!!! I've called 3 times and each time I was hung up on.

they pretend there are no supervisors to talk to. I called my bank and reported fraud on Walmart. all I wanted was a *** litter box that cost 10$ instead I got something I didn't order and it is up to me to do everything to get not only my money back but return the wrong item. this is a crock of ***.

what happened to the customer is always right and always helping the disabled. I order online because i'm disabled and cannot drive to a Walmart to buy the right *** thing.

Monetary Loss: $40.

  • horried customer service
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I was sent wrong item as well. All I want is the correct item.

Not sure what they will say. Seeings how they don’t have an option online to just have them send the correct item. Just says return it for refund or replacement.

Why would I want a replacement of the wrong item? And yes I want a refund if they will not correct the issue along with my shipping that was not cheap.


Reference number 181025-055926 my son has a broken heart ordered a thanos gauntlet for his Halloween costume and never received it was lied to over and over again for weeks that it was being delivered and finally tonight found out it was never coming and had no choice but to except a receipt Wich won't come till after Halloween anyway I have never had more poor customer service in my life how come you can order 2 day delivery but you guys couldn't send my son's package in 2 weeks time for Halloween I refuse to leave this alone I recorded all conversations of several supervisors giving me false information and false hope I'm going to be posting the recorded conversations all over the internet and seeking legal help on this matter I have never been more humiliated words don't describe the stress I feel and the problems it has caused and pain my son is feeling we paid for a thanos gauntlet weeks ago why couldn't we just have it the worst experience I've ever had to go through in my entire life and not just shopping this has been an absolute nightmare


Crazy how hard they work to *** people off. It’s like the sane goes.

“It’s easier to just tell the truth” Plus they don’t get paid more for having horrible customer service. No one wins but the big cheese’s !


I know this is old but I just recieved my order and instead of a 35lb of cat food I got a more expensive 30lb bag of dog food.


customer is not always right. they human.

humans forget or ***. and you sound like are having a human moment by being angry. didn't know how to return an item? wow.

not right. and being disabled doesn't mean you are a god to be worshiped.

it has nothing to do with anything.


I know this is old, but you are an ***. Walmart made a mistake, and you blame the customer?


They did not say that the mistake was the customers. They simply said that humans make mistake.

Perhaps you should have had a parent read the post before replying.

They have a good point about being disabled, they want equal treatment as well as special treatment because they are disabled. In other words they don't want to be discriminated against but they yet want to have preferred treatment because they are disabled.


I have had the same issues they ship anything remotely like the item. order one kind of pet food get a pet food but not the one you order.

they need to look at quality control in the warehouses (never had this issue with amazon) sorry walmart you fail in this area.

and I am sure you inventory never matches up since we ordered one item and got a different item.


There are other ways for disabled people to get around to shop in stores, other than driving themselves. There are cabs, buses, friends, relatives, etc.

Are you trying to call the local store or the online customer service? Myself I don't know why you need a mailing label. When I have to return an item that I have ordered, and it doesn't come with a mailing label, I just get it ready to return and write the return address on the package. Was the item that you want to return shipped directly from the WalMart warehouse or from one of the numerous other companies that list on the WalMart web site?

The store customer service people can't help you. Have you tried emailing the WalMart.com site? Quit playing the disabled card, it doesn't do anything for you. It is getting to be so that he customer isn't always right, anyplace and I have never heard of any retail place that always helps the disabled.

A lot depends on the disabled person's attitude. The "woe is me" attitude doesn't do much for most people.