Dallas, Texas
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I went online to goodrx.com to get a discount on my $117.00 prescription. It should've been $93.91 with discount.

Once I gave them the discount card they told me it was $127.00 and they wouldn't honor what the price was online. I paid for it and I was mad. I walked around the store and decided to take the prescription back but they said you couldn't return prescriptions. I think that is the worse thing they can do is not let you return your unopened prescription; especially after a few minutes.

The pharmacists that work there at the Dallas store on Retail Drive are so rude!!! I'll never shop at Walmart again!!!

Monetary Loss: $117.

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I agree with the other person. You do know that YOU paid for the medicine knowing what the total was, right? You made that choice, not them.


It is also against the law to sell medication to children such as the Op, the fact that she mistakes being told no as rudeness shows us that she is nine years old. For all those replying the pharmacist had no right selling medication to this child in the first place and since no parent was mention we should assume the pharmacist broke the law and sold the medication to a child without an adult present.


They pharmacist should be fired and arrested for selling medication to a child. Only a child would mistake being told "no" as rude. Laws also say you cannot sell medication to those under 18.


It is the law you cannot return them.


Would you want to buy a prescription that somebody else had bought and roamed around the store for a FEW minutes, then decided to return it. The pharmacist would have no way of knowing whether or not you had opened the bottles and messed with the pills or whatever type of medication it was.

I'm not positive, but I would be willing to bet all pharmacies have that policy.

Instead of paying for the prescription and then roaming around the store, you should have declined to take it when you found out the cost. To me, it sounds like you might have been trying to pull a fast one.