i had to purchase a new magicjack for what reason the old one stop working.It cost me 40.00 dollar"s for a new one, my question is i still see it advested for 19.95 to buy so how could i get a purchase diffedent on the price? The commcails on tv advested 19.95 still also on your websight to.Feel free to respond back.The magicjack is one of the best thing that came out.I like it very much my only complait is not be taking avashage of.Don't tell me it's raining and it just might be snowing.

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Me no undrstnd u speek like u 4 yrs old.Maybee get grownup to heelp u.Till then colring book maybee.


pruchase a new magicjack 40.00 at walmart.

hi, magic jack is only 19.95 a year, like a servics charge ect, but you have to purchase the usb unit to start off, then no more till once a year the 19 95 charge,i have had it mine 6 year. no more huge phone bills, so, one off payment to buy the magic jack, then 19.95 a year . hope this helps,

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