Edgewood, Maryland
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I took the pack n play to the Eddystone Walmart on 3/27/14 to either return it or exchange for the pack n play that should have been in the box. I brung my bank statement with me because I didn't have my receipt.

The Csm printed my receipt and called a manager to see if they would approve. First assistant manager said no because it was pass 30 days. Second manager said he wouldn't have a problem exchanging as long as its the same as on the box. I told him I purchased the item off of the shelf and it was the last one.

Maybe the people doing returns never checked the box before they put it on the shelf. Chuck(Asm) went back n forth with me telling me I didn't buy it from there it didn't come off his shelf like that and his employees always check boxes. I said my receipt was just printed out here are you calling me a liar and a theift? He said no that's not what Im saying.

I said well what are saying. He said that was not on my shelf like that! I got upset and said why are you calling me a liar I spent $628 that day.I always order and spend money with Walmart.I don't like being stereotyped because I'm a young black woman. Because there store has a high theft rate they automatically stereotyped me.

I am highly offended I've been telling everyone about this situation. I got my money back on a gift card instead of my credit card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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So you wanted to return an item beyond the return period with no receipt and they wouldn't let you? Gasp!


You also have to be careful how you act in public, because it sounds like you were seconds away from getting arrested. Sheesh calm yourself woman. :upset

First Born Triplet

If they arrested her because of her bad behavior she would play the race card as well. This makes it real hard for those who are discriminated against believed.


Hahahaha... wow.

"Young black woman" is your problem.

You pull out the race card. It's not that you're black, it's that you are not intelligent.

First Born Triplet

I have to agree with you. Don't you just like it when someone ruins a perfectly good logical review by playing the race card.