Kelseyville, California
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October 29, 2011 I walked in with a portable battery charger that was less than 30 days old. I had the receipt and nice box and instructions already for refund. I was nice and polite and asked for a refund. One of the employees at Clearlake,ca O'Reilly store was rude and obnoxious. He wasn't even the guy helping me. His second words were "did you use it?". i said yes and then he said "can't refund used electrical equipment. My next thoughts were to say "im never coming here again", but i held my tongue. I tried a second time "but i have my receipt". Then the other employee said "i cant do it maybe my boss can". i asked when his boss would be in and he said Monday which is 2 days away. I wasn't really as pissed off as i could have been. I have learned in 45 years that when it comes to refunds the customer is always right is a lie. I have a feeling had this bee Walmart they would have refunded my money. This is an issue with O'Reilly Auto Parts. I think there refund policy should be more in view when the customer is buying something. I remember the clerk actually saying it had a 1 year return policy in the store for same item. So my lesson is that O'Reilly sucks at refunds in general. Remember that the next time you buy something electrical from O'Reilly. If you use it they may laugh at you outright and say well you used it so we won't refund your money. I hope i can stop at least one person from making this same mistake. Thinking that if i opened an electrical product and tried to return it for refund that it can be refunded. In OReilly policy if its an electrical product and you use it apparently you cant return if for a refund.

Enough Said

James :(

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