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I live in Skowhegan Maine and when I go into our Wal-Mart here, I hate it. First of all some of the cashiers that they have working there are so rude.

The other day when I was cashing out my stuff, this one cashier who has been working there for a while acted like I was doing her a favorite by coming into her line. She never said hello or how are you today. I tried a few times to make conversation with her, but she never said a word to me. I used to work there and I know you are there not to have long conversation's with the cashiers, but at least I took the time to talk to my customers.

At the time when I was working there we received service pins from satisfied customers. They do not do that any more and I think that they should start again because it shows the coustomers who the best cashiers are and who's line you should go to...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashing.

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There was nothing wrong with the OP's complaint and yet people have dissected her and her letter. This is why I will NEVER post a complaint letter here, there are too many disgruntled, out of work minimum wage earners, that hate everyone because they hate their lives. And let's be honest, all these tough guy/girl commentators feel safe behind their computer screens when they know they would never have the balls to say any of what they post to someone's face.


If you have worked at Walmart then you should know how horrible it is to work there. The management is terrible, customers are often rude Themselves and will zap your joy, and on top of that you don't get paid enough to put up with it.


Why do you all keep replying to my letter, and if you knew how to read I used to work at this store before, and the cashier that I dealt with should have been the one that was fired instead of me. She is a snitch and she is the one that got me fired, nobody likes a snitch, they are terrible people and poor team players.

Her snitching got me fired a lot of the cashier were rude to me when I worked there and the managers won't say who reported me for private conversations in the staff room but I know it was her. They said I don't get along with others but it is the cashiers that are the problem. I should have checked the line before entering but I did not. If I had known it was her I would have went to another line.

I wanted to forgive her for being a snitch but she would not talk to me.

I said bad things about her in the break room and wanted her to forgive me but she would not. Guess she is as much of a snob as she was when I worked with her.


Replying to your letter? Honey, this is a site for posting reviews for companies.

People have every right to reply. Especially when your posts are *** and childish.


You think very highly of yourself. Too bad others can't be as wonderful and perfect as you are. :roll :roll :roll


Do you have any idea of the abuse cashiers get from customers? They always get *** blamed on them when they are just trying to do their job.

We have a line of people, the customer in front is told her total is 46.78, she pulls out 60.00 and hands it to the cashier, then as the cashier gets the change she says,"I have the .78" So the cashier has to wait while this customer counts out pennies, then when she is done and leaves the next person in line(annoyed at having to wait) takes out her frustration on the cashier, it was not the cashier's fault.

Or someone arguing a price, and so they have to wait while someone goes to check, again not the cashiers fault but they will get blamed. Cashiers always get abused by customers and they are just there to do a job, and they are human just like you....you are not above them, or more special then they are, they are not your servants.


Well in that case she needs to stick up, for herself, call security, refuse to serve the customer unless they behave so it is her fault.


Yeah they are. It's their job to serve the customers.

Most get abused because they're idiots. You sound like one.

You must be a cashier. You should also know that a customer is always right and if you don't know that, then you shouldn't be working with the public.


Once again, Kevin has taken on a 4th personality. The authorities will "backer's rack" you, Kevin/Kelli/Miggi/Kermit the Frog?

if you continue this behavior. Here is a valuable website: mhaoc.org· If you need a pick up ride upon release, well, don't call me.


Miggi is the person who posted the review ***.


You are the one taking two if not more personalities, funny how your IP address and the one posting the review is the same. Get real friends instead of trying to make friends online and with cashiers who just want to do their jobs. Arguing with yourself shows signs of mental illness, get help.


Anonymous grow up, stop using profanity and calling other people names on my review. Seriously does it make you feel good picking fights on my review?

Does it make you feel special to know the word hermaphrodite. Your childish name calling only makes you look foolish. You are clearly only posting to cause trouble on my review. You are picking fights on my review probably because you have no friends in real life.

Does it make you feel powerful to use words like ***? Only someone with a small petty mind would call use profanity.

Shows how immature you are. I don't mind people posting negative comments but your user of profanity shows how immature you really are.


You are going there to shop, not chit chat, if you are offended because someone did not say hello to you then go to a date hotline(assuming you are of age. She has other customers to deal with than to chit chat with someone who obviously has no friends and needed to chit chat with her.

I am sure Linda knows how to read. Most likely the person that posted this worked with this cashier and is trying to make trouble because they did not get along when they worked together. You anonymous need to learn to read, if you read between the lines you would realize that these two worked together and she is just trying to make trouble.

Linda did not say anything about long conversations now did she so you learn how to read. She just posted hold a conversation with a typo.


If you do not like the service go else where.The cashiers do not have to hole a conversation with you.Purchase what you need and Move on.What you are upset about.If you need a friend,Walmart is not that friend ok.


things have changed since you left and NO TALKING TO CUSTOMES is the better approach. JUBT get through the line and pay for your merchandise is the new SLOGAN. walmart doesn't care about the EMPLOYEE or CUSTOMERS just the BOTTOM LINE.