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I went to walmart id#7bj4rpjfrdw phone3317-875-0273 to get a oil change they rolled my driver side window down and could not roll it back up did not try to help me get it back up it was very cold out side i had to take the car to get fix the next day it cost me onehundred dollars so my oil change cost me onehundred&thirty dollars not a happy costumer live down the street from there go there about four times a week the problem is they didnt even try to help me 86th & michigan name scott

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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I took my truck in to the Walmart in Terrell Texas to get new tires. I got the tires and when leaving I discovered that they had broke something inside my door so the window would not roll back up properly.

it was sleeting and 20 degrees out and the window was frozen and should not have been rolled down. They broke and are refusing to fix it.

South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #227586

You must live a sad, desperate life if you have nothing better to do than sit on pissed consumer and make up lies. You also said TARGET did this exact same thing to you & they don't even do oil changes.

This is why companies no longer take customer complaints serious. This is why customers with real complaints get shafted because of loons like this.


Why bother to complain on this site? if you don't like the service, product, whatever, shop elsewhere.

Or are you one of those that says "I'll never shop here again" and then return to complain again in 24 hours.

When I hear someone say "I'll never shop here again" I just want to say, "can I have that in writing?" If it were as bad as you try to make it out they wouldn't be in business, now would they? You shop/ buy tires / get the oil changed, or whatever because you don't know of a better place to have it done, right?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #223792

Target did the exact same thing to your car, and they don't even have a oil change. I bought your story at first. Then I read your EXACT SAME letter to Target.


I will not take my car to Walmart auto anymore. It used to take them 2 hours everytime I went in for an oil change.

Something I could get done at the quick oil change place in 10 minutes. But the last straw was when I went in to get tires and it took them 4 hours to put tires on my car.

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