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I try, try to go out of my way to avoid shopping at Walmart, but today it was just closer and I only wanted to pick up a few things. Well, the shopping was no problem.

I did find all of the things that I needed, but it was the check-out that gave me the problem. I had just casually glanced at my watch as I walked up to get in line at the checkout just to check the time. The line was fairly long(at least three people in line besides me)and there were only a few checkouts opened and the other lines were longer. I brushed it off thinking the girl would be fast.

Boy was I wrong about that. She was slow and the customers she was dealing with made it even slower. I looked at my watch and two minutes had passed since I first got in line. They should have you in and out in under 50 seconds.

I told the cashier to hurry it up but that seemed to make her go even slower. I finally just left my cart right there and left. I will NEVER go into a Walmart store ever again.

I will be going to Harps for all of my shopping needs. You get better service, better quality items, and the parking is better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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First of all no need to call grown women girls when it is you that is acting like child. Three people in line is not that many.

if the customers she was dealing with was making her work slower it is not her fault. Also how do you know she does not have an injury that makes the WOMAN slow? Hopefully one day you are injured and someone judgemental idiot like yourself judges you for that and gets mad if you cannot move fast. If one person has many items they CANNOT have you out in 50 seconds or left, especially with extreme couponers.IF you cannot wait patiently then don't shop.

Clearly you are a ten year old child that still needs to shop with mommy. I wish mommy were in the store with you. She could have taken you out of the line until you calmed down and behaved yourself. I doubt she want slower on purpose, that is if she even went slower.

Clearly you are a young child that needs to be more patient and adult supervision. Also it is is rude for a ten year old like yourself to tell an adult to hurry up, Mommy should have been in the store with you and given you a good spanking for your rude behavior.


I am also boycotting Walmart due to the inability of their workers to move faster during check out. Everytime I go there- same story.

I can travel through that huge store and find everything I need in 10-15 minutes, but try checking out.

Whoa- 15-20 minutes minimum. Compare it to Costco where you practically fly through check out.


A lot of people they hire are elderly and or disabled. Hopefully when you get to that stated you have some ten year old child like yourself being rude about it.

I can understand being upset about 10-15 minutes, but the little girl that wrote the original review only had to wait two minutes. I am surprised no one called the police on her for being unattended.

Her parents are lucky not to be charged with neglect. A little girl like the OP should not be shopping alone.


yes wal mart has about 25 check out lines but for some reason they can't keep more then 5 open. i had the same thing happen to me not long ago.

i was in the 10 items or less and what fried me was there were 3 csm's at the end of the line just running thier mouths about eithor another employee or someone. i could hear them there were three people in front of me with not too much to check out. now i am a diabetic and when my sugar eithor gets too low are too high i get. pi--ed.

i got my cell phone out and called the service counter and gave them a fit. i told them about the csm's and that there were no regesters open and she just sort of sputtered she findly asked it i wanted to speek to a manager and i said no just get some regesters open. it was funny the man in front of me just sort of looked at me he didn't say anything.

the manager at our store knows me and my phone number and my email address by heart cause i give them an e mail when they do *** things and boy they do that a lot. i call it a "wal mart thing"

@nut in tennessee

I thought most people stopped throwing fits when they are 5? I am surprised the manager is not banning you from the store.


I agree. I think this is a troll complaint.

First Born Triplet

I have a strong feeling this is not a real complaint but a mock one from an employee trying to make fun of some of the customers they have.


They are all the same. When I go to WM I expect a wait.

They have like 25 checkout lanes and only 2 or 3 open at a time. But when you shop WM you should be prepared for this kind of thing.


You cannot wait a few minutes n[ line and you are calling a person old enough to work a girl. The only one acting like a little girl or little boy is you.

Three people in line is not that bad. Learn to be more patient. I can understand you complaining if there were only two registers open and dozens of people in line. I ask one question where were your parents, clearly at six you should not be shopping unsupervised.

You asked her to hurry up thinking the other customers were not that important. Well next time you want one on one attention don't forget your crown at home.


I think I gave her too much credit when I thought she was ten. Even a ten year old is more mature and patient.


Unbelievable! I was expecting like 20 minutes in line or something ridiculous.

2 minutes is nothing honey. If you are in a hurry, go to a convenience store.


It's people like you that make me happy I don't associate with people like you.


The length of time that it takes for a person to get checked out in any store is going to depend on the number of items that they are purchasing, whether or not they are using any coupons, etc. If you can't stand to wait in line for two minutes to pay for your purchases, have somebody else do your shopping for you.

What was your major hurry, anyway, were your pants on fire or something? When did you become such an expert on how long it takes a cashier to check a person out and how did you do it? Sure you casually glanced at your watch just to see what time it was, who do you think is going to believe that?

You were actually very rude by telling the cashier to hurry up, you aren't her boss. I can also think of several replies she could have made to you and you would have deserved each and every one of them.


You have to be more understanding here. You have to realise that the little girl that posted this complaint is between six and ten. She had no idea how to think logically that some people may have many items and or use coupos.