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I cannot tell you how angry I am at the poor service done by Dr. Bill Parker at the Marina, California Walmart.

Walmart allowed this guy to open a practice there and they are responsible. They allow these separate places in their stores and these places pay rent to Walmart. So why should Walmart not be responsible for them?? Tell me please.

If I were to get sick on some out of date food that was sold in the Walmart store it would be the fault of Walmart and not the company who supplies the food and ingredients to make the food.

So why should some place in Walmart like Subway, the bank or Dr. Parker not be held to the same accountability by Wallmart?

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Please do not feed the trolls. Tell me you are all not really buying into this story. Way too obvious!


Someone is playing us for a fool here. Breast implants done at Walmart???


:? :?


That's like blaming the President for your food being wrong at McDonald's.


Especially when everyone clearly knows,

"It's Bush's fault"!