Windber, Pennsylvania

I return a lot of things to my local Walmart and never had any problems till yesterday morning. I got to my store around 9:30 am.

Their was a manager at the service desk named Deb checking out customers. When Deb got to me i told her i wanted to return a couple of

items but i didn't have my receipt. She asked if i had my id and i said yes. After she had rung up my items she said asked another

manager if she could proceed. The manager named Misty said no because she said it was over one hunderd dollers. I then asked if i

could return some of the items and i was told no again because the items all come into the store together. I feel that i am being

treated as a theif because i am a young guy and wear baggy pants. I am not a theif and i had went to college so i'm not dumb. I

diserve to be treated better than this and i want my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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