I bought a Blu Studio 5.0 on Walmart website for about $130. Later on before 30 after ppurchasing the phone I payed $20 extra for extended warranty.

I had it for 4-5 months and very pleased with the phone. But I decided that if I claim a file on the phone ill get my money back and have enough to buy a cheaper phone with extra money for school supplies. I called customer care and they asked me the reciept number and how much I payed for my phone and what happen, I told them the sound was cutting off and it had a little crack.They accepted my request and told me to ship the phone to them via ups with the label they provided me. They said after I ship the phone they will send me a gift card by MAIL.

But after 2 days that I shipped it I check my email and get a E-GIFT card. I didnt ask for a egift card but I figured out that you can print it and just use it like a card at a store so it wasnt big of a problem for me.

:) ps. I payed around $130 in total for the phone and I had said I payed a total of $147 and they gave me $147+tax which equal to $160.32 :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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Read your warranty agreement. It says Walmart will reimburse you/repair/replace the item in question.

The egift card of course is meant to be your reimbursement.

You were given the value of the phone by Walmart to buy a new phone. Go figure they aren't going to give you cash back to buy something else at another store.


That's what you get for trying to take advantage.