Albany, New York

So I checked out with a vacuum cleaner and a postal scale.

I put my bags in the cart fuming on how theres 28 check out lanes an only 4are open

As I walking out the door a handicap girl decided to play rent a cop with me! Asking to see my receipt. I said absolutely not.

She insisted to follow me out the door asking for my receipt. An I kept saying NO!. So she called her supervisor and he came out taking pictures of my vehicle and threatening me on how I disrespected his girl

Well let me tell you wal marts I am some kind of PISSED OFF!

Your door greater needs to know her JOB who lets a mentally challenged girl play rent a cop? Are you kidding me?

You want me to spend my hard earned money at your stores? But you feel the need to treat me like a criminal ??

By your rent a cop door greeters in your north greenbush know kmart

WTF? Im the guy that makes you pay check

An I don't wanna hear its a busy time of the season

If thats your answer how come the you dont open up all the cashier's?

Im going to see a lawyer monday morning about the harassment of your North Greenbush store New York I will never deal with Walmart ever again

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Wow. First you call them retarded, and that they deserve it.

Then you change your tune and refer to them more politically correct as "mentally challenged". Do you even have a backbone?

It's these peoples job to occasional ask to see the receipt under certain circumstances. Its' annoying, yes. A persons physical or mental condition is NOT the issue.

And why wouldn't you comply with there request?

Is it because they look or act different!!! How sad. You must be a very proud person to not allow contact with other people who do not meet your qualifications for being what you consider a proper human being.

How do you relate to others that are different. What are your values?

It's sad that you can't list compassion as one of them.


How did the lawyer thing pan out?


I purchaced 2 cd at a Wal-Mart in salem Oregon I took them home tried them one was ok but the other was blank, I took it back for a refund and they told me that they could not return my money, but I could exchg it, I stood firm and told them I was not leaving without a refund , we argued for 10 min finally the manager gave me a credit card for the exchg .bad policy lost a good customer and the refund, does that make cents;;;;; good luck Wal-Mart on your policys


That's not just store policy, that's piracy law. Any multimedia product that has been opened, regardless as to if it's a movie, video game, or CD, is only eligible for an exchange, not a refund.


It would have taken you 2 seconds to show your receipt....your just a huge ***. Personally I think they should have brought you back in the store and given you a cavity search...cause you sound like you have something to hide...... BTW...your little story was pathetic


I thought it was a great story because why should someone have to show their receipt after they purchased it? Why should they be harassed?

Walmart's reaction is incredible. What kind of loser sits on this site attacking people who complain?


If you didn't steal it then it shouldn't be a problem to show an employee a receipt especially if you only purchased a few items. The way you are referring to the employee who asked to see your receipt is highly inappropriate and only makes you look like a ***. :)


Don't you know how to read. I did steal it, but that is not the issue, the issue is they hire these mentally challenged people and they think they can play rent a cop.

It is up to security to stop me not her. Why if I paid for the *** thing I would have showed a receipt since I had it.

I would shop elsewhere but the police took my license for DUI. I could take the bus but I am not waiting 30 minutes in the cold for a *** bus.


Where did I say I did not steal it. Reread the review.

Where did I say I did not steal it. I am not going to lie to you. The point is by putting these people in the front of the door they are just tempting me to poke fun of them. Of wanting to push their wheelchairs into the egg asile.

Of wanting to make fun of their retard down syndrome faces. Of making me want to put a dunce cap or kick me sign on their head or back.


Look everyone I have no issues with the mentally disabled, or the mentally challenged. I just don't think that they should be allowed to hold a job.


Then obviously you have issues with them. I sure hope you are trolling otherwise you need to go see a doctor because you have a gigantic pinecone stuck up your a ss.


I do not, and the reason I did not want to show this person the receipt was because I did not pay for the *** item. I should not have to stop her, only security can stop me.

Also some people said I should just show them the receipt. How can I when I don't have one.

They only give you one if you pay for an item not if you steal it. I would have bought the item but when I got a huge fee for the DUI I was broke.


You are a ***!


She asked for your receipt, because the vacuum was not in a bag. It happens all the time.

It is her job to check the receipt when a large item goes out the door. She followed you, because you refused to show the receipt.

Any store anywhere would have done the same. Your complaint is ridiculous.


Well when I am trying to steal from Target as Zack said I don't want them asking for a receipt because stealing means I don't have one. Target really is harassing me and I am going to sue them and have that mentally challenged worker fired.


If this happens all the time, why go back? Who's the retard now?


Because it is within walking distance. The cops took my license when I was charged with DUI. Now I have to either walk or take the *** bus and *** to *** if I am going to wait 30 minutes for a *** bus in -30 F Weather with the other mentally challenged people.


I work hard for my money. I buy what I want when I want it I will never show you a receipt

Ever . Walmarts knew they where in the wrong I told them to go ahead an call the cops.

This happens all the time at walmarts on rte 4 in north greenbush


No I did not steal anything as a matter of fact I just took the vacuum cleaner back because

Because it did not work rite

An i have nothing against the mentally challenged

working but make sure they know what their job positioning is :x :x :x


Lol, troll judging from your spelling and grammar perhaps you are mentally challenged yourself. Not that there is something wrong with it.

But seriously trolling is one thing. Trolling to make fun of someone who is mentally challenged(whether that person or actually exists or not is another).

Zack, she is trolling.

Notice how in the title and first sentence she claimed this happened at Walmart, then in another line, the 12th line she said this was Kmart. School is out and judging from her spelling and grammar my guess is this is some bored 13 year old posting for attention.


hmmm... you havent been to north greenbush walmart if you believe that.

i drive past it to go to further walmart stores that may not be filled with racist, ignorant, *** people. i have no doubt that the person complaining is a grow adult from this area