I was in the Oneida NY Wal Mart when a strange man in a long green jacket approached my two children and I. He would not leave us alone until I yelled out really loud, to leave us alone, then I went to see the manager who's name was Mary and told her what had happened.

The strange man then came through the isle. I told her that was the man that was bothering my children and I. She told me she knew the guy and wanted my name, phone number and address. I told her no and they let the man leave the store.

She had me write in a notebook what had happened and I did. Another store employee named Alice and the manager were too worried about some guy leaving his cell in a shopping cart.

The next day my boy friend went to Wal Mart to find out if they were going to do something about it and was told by Alice that it was my problem and they were not going to do nothing about it. My boy friend asked if I should have kicked him in the nuts and dialed 911 to which she replied YES.

It was a customer problem and could not do anything about it. *** of a nice way to take care of your customers.

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so Walmart employees are all security guards now? I want that creep to stay away too but next time, call the police or something instead of asking Walmart employees to get him out.


Walmart managers don't have a lick of sense (seriously,they work in retail). They are the last people to trust with your safety though they are libel if they are negligent. It would have been best for you to call the police yourself it is possible the man was a sex offender you not would have protected your children but others.

Sunrise, Florida, United States #673084

call the cops...it is not a retail store managers job to protect you. call the cops, they will arrive, detain the man, and find out what happened...you want another woman to protect your family from a strange man?

im not saying what happened was right but you call the cops when he starts bothering you, not after. let him know he's going to jail if he doesnt leave you alone!


"She told me she knew the guy and wanted my name, phone number and address. I told her no"

Why didn't you give her that info?

She was probably going to turn it over to the police or upper management possibly with other names so they could investigate. They probably can't do anything if you're not willing to file a legitimate complaint.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #256937

Now though my wife denies it she was probably dressed like a ***. However the manager refused to show me the tape of what she was wearing.

When I found out that my wife endangered my children I slapped her. They also said since my wife did not give her address that they could not contact her on what they did with this guy.

My wife called the police on me when I tried to get my children to tell the truth of what she was wearing and I was arrested for domestic violence. I asked the man to make a hit on my wife to test her to see if the *** would cheat on me.

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