Margate, Florida

I bought a few groceries and an ankle stabilizer by mueller, at check out, employee charged 3 times for the ankle stabilizer. I handed her the money and told her that was night right, after i handed her the money, she ignored me, gave me the change and reciept.

i looked at reciept, and said you have overcharged me on this item, it is listed here 3 times at $12.97. she said no I took it off, and I said show me where. she said if you have a problem, go to customer service.

I did and the line was huge, 2 people working , and one watching. it took over 45 min in line, then i got my refund for the overcharge.

Monetary Loss: $26.

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This is not uncommon, I refuse to pay unless they prove to me that they have deleted the extra charges. Or better yet ask them to get a manager that you aren't leaving the register until they do.

But never pay when you suspect over charges, they can print a receipt that will show all the transactions that were scanned and deleted. Ph,.uck that customer service line get a manager!


I posted a comment in reply to someone. Too Funny!

I couldn't say something was Stu*id, or a cashier was a j*rk, but they list comments by Useful, Funny, or Bull*hit (they spell it out, I can't). Hmmmm......

@No Mess

Uh, "do as I say do, not as I do"?????


I've had this problem myself. I told her it scanned twice and she said she took it off but it did not say so on my receipt.

The cashier was nice enough but I still had to stand in line at customer service for a long time.


I don't see anything rude about the cashier, if you are reporting this exactly as it happened. Don't complain about how long the lines were at customer service-----you did have a choice, you could stand there and get the problem straightened out or leave without solving thee problem.



I did cashiering. When something is removed it clearly shows it has been taken off. And if they were trained at all, they would know it too. It isn't hard to see the minus signs or words void on a receipt.

What they did was LIE to the customer, and the customer had to pay for the lie. To say to the customer, "Oh look, I charged you multiple times. Now, I'm gonna lie and say I took it off. What, don't believe me?

Go stand in the Customer Service line. Considering both customer received refunds, that tells me the *** CASHIERS inconvenienced them. Your *** solution that their options is to stand in another line because the cashier is a *** or go home eat the cashiers error is beyond ***. Here's a better solution.

Management watches this cashier like a hawk, and if she does that to another customer (not make a mistake, but make a mistake and then LIE instead of calling over a manager to rectify it and help get the customer on their way quickly, they should be FIRED! I'm assuming you are probably one of those types of cashiers who doesn't give a rat's behind about the people you wait on?