Altura, Minnesota

I was shopping at the Walmart store in Fremont, Mi. today (10-10-2010) at 16:08:54.

I was self checking out, when all of a sudden I was told I could not use the self-check out and was "ordered" to use another register. The associate, then "suspended" my items already checked out and bagged. Then she moved me to another check-out, at which time I asked her why she was doing this, and her response was "I already told you why." I asked her about the stuff I had already checked out and she shouted at me to recheck them again. At this point, I walked over to Customer Service, and asked for the manager of the store.

A very young lady (Heidi) said she "would talk to the associate" about it. I went home very upset, called the store back and talked to a "les or Len." He said he would "look into it, but did not ask my name or phone number to follow up with me. I am so embaressed as to how I was treated.

People were staring at me like I had done something wrong, and I didn't. Why was I treated this way?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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whats wrong with you people? so much for love thy fellow man and do unto others stuff. just humiliate her and be on our way 45 seconds sooner

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #200840

If you had pushed me out of the way, I would not only have pushed you back but pressed charges against you since you were the first one to do the pushing. I would only be defending myself. Trust me if the customer that reported me had children I would have shoved their children to the ground to teach them a lesson.


Is this article a joke? There's so many things wrong with what you've said, I don't even know where to start.

You admitted that you blatantly ignored the cashier and did what you wanted even though she already told you that you couldn't check out in the express lane. So why are you surprised that you were made to stop? They probably assumed that you couldn't hear or read because that's how you made it look. Most people don't try to check out 68 items in a 10 item or less lane.

Screaming and swearing at random customers probably didn't help your case much either. All that did was make you look bad. I cracked up when I read "I yelled what the f**k are you staring at and someone shook their head. I was very embarrassed", you should've been embarrassed because that only made you look worse, and that's not Walmart's fault.

It's ridiculous to blame Walmart for you not feeding your kids. This whole fiasco didn't cause you to stay at Walmart 6 hours longer than you would've, so the fact that your kids didn't eat until 6 hours later is all on you. The bottom line is that you were the one who was wrong, not Walmart. It's one thing to try to sneak 15 or maybe even 20 items into a 10 item or less lane, but 68...c'mon, that's just rude and obnoxious.

You deserved to have had your order suspended, because if I was the customer waiting in line behind you I would've told you to get the *** out of there too, and if you tried telling me to "mind my own business", like you did to the other customers waiting in line behind you, I would've started moving your *** right off the counter and pushed you right the *** out of the way. That's so inconsiderate.

Why shouldn't you have to follow the rules? What makes you better than the rest of us?



Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #199101

Quit spamming my letter with your free advertising ***.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #199079

Heidi did not help me until I started crying in front of everyone. Only when I started crying because it seemed no one cared did she say she would talk to the associate. But she did say the associate was right and the items were for ten or less and next time I should go to another checkout so even Heidi does not like me much and thinks I cannot read, count or hear.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #199078

Fine I will Admit I only checked ten items when she told me again that the self checkouts and express was only for ten or less items. She acted as if I could not count, could not read or was deaf and people were staring at me. Real embarassing.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #199077

They did not protect me from the customers who were giving me dirty looks. The employee who pulled me away said that the self check outs were for 10 items or less.

I ignored her and went there anyway. She later said people were complaining I was holding up the line, and she asked me to leave. I had already checked out about 30 or so items. I had another 40 items with me since i do all my shopping once a month.

She wanted me to go to another lane. I went to the express lane and she said that was 20 items or less. I had to wait longer and could not use self check outs or express. Then when I started swearing at her the other customers started staring at me like I did something wrong.

I asked her which customer complained so that I could swear at them and tell them to mind their own business and she refused to tell me . Then when I yelled what the f**k are you staring at and someone shook their head. I was very embarassed. I finally got my children returned to me after CPS took them away from me.

I decided to welcome them back by buying clothes and toys for my two children ages nine and 14 that is another reason I had 68 items(bill said 68 items) I wanted to spend more time with my children because the court decided to return them to me today (10-10-2010) thanks to the rude employee I could not spend time with my sons(4 and 9 and I could not feed them until just now. Infact I have to call them again and can't spend time with them before they go to sleep. My 14 month is still in care. I was so embarassed people looked at me like I did something wrong.

It was very busy and most people were buying more items and all the old hags buying less than ten were in the self checkouts which I was told was for ten items or less. The cashier told me this as if I could not read the sign. I could read the signs I was just in a hurry and not many people were in that line. They still refuse to tell me which customer complained about me being in self checkout.

If it were not for that *** complaning and that *** watching me and embarassing me like I am a child I could have spent time with my kids. I am a single parent. I cannot afford to shop at high paying shops and don't drive and the store is across the street from me. She thinks because I don't have a high paying job i can't read.

People were staring at me like I did something wrong. I suffer from depression and when Les or Len did not ask for my name or phone number I cried because I felt he did not care about me nor like me.

Heidi is the only one who likes me. That lady who told me to go to another check out did not like me and thinks I dont know how to read just because I ignored their rule.

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