Shelton, Washington

I am absolutely LIVID at how we were treated today at Walmart! My husband, child and I went to the Shelton, Washington Wal-Mart store to buy my son a cake for his birthday.

I grabbed a 12 pack of Limerita budlight for myself. At the self check out, the machine asked for I.D. No problem, right? WRONG!!!

Cashier asked for everyone’s I.D. I said my husband is the one buying it so why should I have to show you mine? Also, my son is a minor and has no I.D. She stated she couldn’t allow us to purchase said items.

I asked for a manager. The manager stated the same thing saying it was law. Jason was livid and argued with her that it is NOT law. The law states that only the person touching the beer will be carded.

My son did not touch anything. That manager was mad that my husband challenged her on the law and in a condescending voice, stated she would send over another manager to help us understand better. Another came over and stated, it isn’t a law but it’s a store policy. I contacted your corporate office and asked if this was so.

They said no but they would have the main manager of Shelton Wal-mart contact me. An Hour later I get a phone call not from the main manager but another. She again reiterated their position. I, again, contacted corporate office who then stated that yes, it is a store policy.

What is strange is that we have done this before, with many of kids in tow! Wal-mart is very inconsistent!

Why are you playing morality police? It is not your place to judge me and my purchases and who I am with.

Needless to say, I am you and sharing my experience with everyone in my social media groups and website!

On a happy note, we did everything the same but at Safeway and guess what? No issues- I thank Safeway for allowing me to purchase my son’s birthday cake and my beer, saving the day.

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I once got refused cigarettes in the same Walmart because my daughter, who was then 16 was with me. Oh well...go to another store. They don't need my money anyway.


Yes, you're convenience is more important than the cashier's job. How awful of them!

Other cashiers let it happen, so why didn't peer pressure work on them! Just awful...


They only need by LAW to see one customers form of ID the person PAYING for the item. END OF STORY. carding all the customer in line is wrong!!


While she should not have asked for your son's ID, mainly because if he is your child then he is in your care and you are allowed to purchase alcohol with your children present, however it is the job of the cashier to card everyone in your group that will most likely be partaking of the alcohol, now we hope that you wouldn't let your son drink it, however that's your decision to make. You and your husband needed to be carded, but your son did not.

Now say it wasn't your son and he was in your group and you all looked under age, then its up to the cashier.

Ultimately it is up to the cashier and unfortunately with sensitive things like alcohol purchases once a decision is made, no one higher is supposed to override it. Technically they don't have to sell you the alcohol at all.


I would shop elsewhere as another poster suggested but I was banned from a few stores. I was banned from Kmart for "threatening" an employee. I was banned from Target for shoplifting


Your experience is but one of many reasons to avoid WalMart at all costs. We shop anywhere but WalMart now.

The rude, inept, dirty stores and employees were finally too much. I suggest you and everyone else do the same and shop at a store that values your business and treats you with some respect.


Most of you need to shut up and mind your own business. This was not the first time I was refused the drinks.

the last time they refused to sell to us because both my husband and I appeared intoxicated to them.

Shut up all of you and don't reply to my review. ***


Posted this in a public forum you ignorant backwater hick. :)


They are just trying to protect those around you. If you act this way when you are sober they are probably afraid of how you will act drunk.


I had something somewhat similar happen to make a long story short, the lady wouldn't let me buy a bottle of wine because she felt that my ID was messed up. She then informed me that I should get in a different line and that someone else would probably let me get it , but she couldn't do it (really?).

So I complained and the managers said it was up to the cashier to decide whether to take it or not, since their job could be on the line, which I guess is a good point. So, I went and got a new ID and people seem to think it's fake (even though I am 24 but I look around 17 or 18). The new IDs in my state are impossible to duplicate. They should teach their employees this instead of being ignorant.

Also, don't listen to the morality police. You can drink (even if you have children) if you want to!

It is your life, not theirs. You're not *** at all (LadyScot is the dumb one).


Why would you flaunt the fact that you drink alcohol right in front of your under aged child? There are certain things you should try to be discreet about.

Now your child has watched you blowup and argue and waste your time on fighting for your rights to get your alcoholic beverage. So he/she sees how very important it is to you!!! Lead by example. It's bad enough they know you drink, you shouldn't flaunt the fact it's THAT important to you.

I should hope the kid sees you burn up the phones on more important issues too. I doubt it though.


YOU touched the alcohol, so by law YOU need to show ID. THOSE are YOUR own words.

Having your husband pay, even though you are old enough, is consider a straw purchase and NO retailer will risk their beer license for you. So YOU screwed up, spouted off a law implicating YOURSELF and still managed to show how dumb you are.


actually, I wanted the beer, correct. however, in all actuality he grabbed it and placed it in the cart.

He also removed it from the cart and scanned it and then placed it back in the cart. I would have gladly shown my I.D; however, I was outraged that she would demand to see my son's. That is where I have an issue. My son did not touch any item that was placed in the cart; he was merely present.

I even heard back from the Washington State Board of Liquor and she concurred with me and spoke to Walmart to inform them of the law, which does not state anything about "carding" but rather one can not sell to a minor. As we adults were of age that would suffice.


This is a case of walmart NEEDS to go back to school!1 Why would everyone in line NEED AN Id. your husband should have went in a different line to purchase!!

and Even the higher paid managers and corporate still could not come to a solution for this is JUST CRAZY. IQ at WALLYWORLD IS low!!


I contacted the Washington state Liquor board who were great! they contacted Walmart immediately to inform them of the law.

The manager told the Sergeant that he was already aware of my situation and would be contacting me personally. So far nothing. I am thinking of getting a lawyer.

I am Latina and feel I have been racially profiled, esp. when a manager called me and stated its up to the cashier's discretion of whether or not they card everyone or even sell to you and managers can't undermine their decision.


You are a complete tool. "You people" do not like how a situation ends, so you claim racial profiling.

How exactly were you profiled?

It says nothing in the original post about race. It seems like you are grasping at straws because you cannot get the answer you want.


Seriously?!?... sounds more like "i'm going to play the race card and try to get some money for doing nothing."


Thats ridiculous! There's 2 walmarts in my town and their policies aren't the same.

I went round and round with the one store as well. Nothing changed.


I hear ya! I won't let them get away with this.

I am on it! I contacted the Washington state liquor board and a sergeant contacted me immediately. she had already contacted walmart. I also informed walmart's corporate office I want to speak with their policy makers and their regional manager.

We will see if they reply. if not I am contacting a lawyer.


I sure am glad their are people like you around to straighten out these laws and store policies for everybody. How dare they have a policy that doesn't suit you!

Thank god you have a phone to call the corporate office and the state liquor board. I bet you're all pumped up and feeling superior because you got to talk to some important people and you're getting things done! Im also betting that since you had this little inconvenience, you have talked about it to everybody and anybody with ears and informed them about how YOU are on top of it and "don't worry" because you are going to get a lawyer and sue walmart! I would hate to know that with all that is going on in the world, your major complaint is that you didn't like the stores policy on beer sales!

No wonder this world is such a mess...Grow up and try concentrating on something that really matters! You sound VERY childish!