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I went to the Money Center & picked up a new Walmart Money Card. I gave the agent $500 plus their fee.

The agent took my money and the card, processed the transaction and handed me back a card. When I tried using the card a couple days later I realized only $100 was placed on the card. Since I was away on business, I returned weeks later with receipt & card in hand. Walmart said they would check into it and call me...Never Happened!

I called back a week later and left a message for a call back... Again Nothing! I called again and was told that the card I have is not the card they loaded . I asked where is the card you loaded, they said they gave it to me!

They stated they reviewed tapes and the girl handed me the card I handed her. What liars! The girl takes the card & money and has it below the counter not visible to their cameras and they have no idea what card she gave me.. I asked them to research the real card that has my $500 and see who is using it since it's not me!!!

They said they didn't have to since they are sure the girl handed me my card! The receipt I have means nothing to these thieves and they don't even care enough to research! They already have your money!

If you took their money they would call the police! I wonder if I could call the police on them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Moneycard Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: They stole my money!.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Walmart Money Center Scam
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In order for this to stop people need to lawyer up I'm going to Monday morning. This is a scam .

I'm beyond pissed off. I emailed corporate still no response.


It's a shame, you can't talk to respresentive and the ones that you can you don't understand nothing there saying? I was ripped off as well!

The respresentive didn't put my social security number in right and I can't get my cash off my card. I have the call recorded but, I'm seeking a attorney.


One, no way was $500 not put on that card. You would not have gotten a $500 receipt otherwise.

Second, no way did you get handed a different card. Those people you think can not watch a video and are lying to you? Not lying. There is no way literally you can hide anything anyway from those cameras.

They are trained directly over the counter and register. Those cameras are so exact they can zoom in and read the text on a receipt. What you need to do is call the number on the back of the card and ask for a itemized detail of charges to see where the money was used at.

I am betting that someone you know used your card. Or you are a scammer.


LadyScot...The receipt shows $500. Why would anyone lie about something like that or do you just believe that Walmart makes no mistakes so all these people who have complaints are all telling lies.

When you are a big company you make mistakes and the bigger you are the more you make..

A good company realizes that and takes care of its customers.

Walmart doesn't so you can call everyone a liar, I believe them!

Walmart has the worst Customer Service and eventually GOD willing, their sales will reflect it until they start treating the Customers with respect!


I never said Walmart doesn't or couldn't make a mistake. I said it is impossible to print a receipt from a register for one amount and put a different amount on the card.

Impossible. In order to get a receipt that says $500, you have to input $500 on the POS when you scan the card barcode. It works like this:

Scan card bar code. Slide card.

Input amount. Tender sale. Receipt print. If the cashier had only put $100 on that card, the receipt would show only $100.

No other way around the system.

There is also no way she switched the cards without the camera seeing it. Walmart cameras beam down literally on top of every register in the store, and if the person looking at the camera wanted to, they could zoom that camera in and count the hairs on your head.

That is why I suggested the dude call the number on the back and request a detail of charges.

Either someone used his card or he is a liar. No two ways around it.


Your picture is featured in Wikipedia nect to Guillable, Idiot, Arrogant, Obnoxious and Blindly-lead


When you call someone that is at least 18 plus a girl you are lying about her being a girl, since she is technically an adult. If you are lying about her being a girl rather than woman maybe you are lying about the $500 as well?


I absolutely had to comment , your comment is ludicrous! Maybe she was a young female, but anyways why does it matter?


What is ludicrous is his calling her a girl when he acts like a child. He disrespects women, and if anything he should be called a boy for his childish behavior.


Kevin, how hypocritical of you to be talking about someone disrespecting women when you have freely posted about getting fired from Target for sexually harassing the female associates there! You seem to forget the personal issues you have shared here about yourself.


Don't waste your breath on Kevin aka MakeMyDay2016. The immature, over the top comments he is making here are the exact same ones that he has made countless times to other posters, over the years of him being a troll here (and at other consumer complaint sites).


I dont know who this Kevin is, your boyfriend, but I never sexually harassed any lady. You on the other hand were banned from several websites for preying on kids.


I mentioned a girl, only to state that it was a female attending me. I do not wish to call her a thief or any names since I have no idea past that I paid them and the card handed me does not have the amount I was paid.

I am irritated that Walmart chooses not to even research what happened! They find no problem with not servicing or treating their clients with respect.

I do not know my legal rights but I am definitely interested in finding out!

I have read over years what customers have claimed Walmart has done to them and I should have taken it more seriously!

I stand for the rights of a consumer to be treated fairly and given a fair product for a fair price. I refuse for Walmart to take advantage of me and throw me aside as if I have no value!


Don't even bother responding to him. He is a known troll here and enjoys cyber bullying people because in real life, he gets his butt kicked a lot.

He feels safe (and tough) as long as he is behind a keyboard. He posts personal stuff about himself occasionally but then forgets that he posted it and seems surprised and outraged that people know so much about his pathetic life. Click on his name and read some of his comments.

You will see that no matter what a complaint is about, he will insult the letter writer. I don't know why he constantly defends Walmart when he has on other occasions bitterly complained they wouldn't hire him after he got fired from Target.


I am not cyber bullying. I never worked at Target.

I defend other places with silly complaints. If you were not six years old you could do some research and see this.


The first lady is right NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING goes under the counter when they do a transaction, and they also have cameras that view from behind. And there is no way to load a card without swiping it first,so the money would be put on the card and if the associate tried to load another one later it would be on camera. And of course if the receipt says 500 then 500 was loaded