I should be able to shop free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation (which violate federal and state civil rights laws) plan and simple.

You are violating your own ETHICS and COMPLIANCE for NON-DISCRIMINATION policies.

User's recommendation: stop shopping where you are discriminated against!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Store Facility.

Preferred solution: stop demanding a mask let us choose for ourselves .

Location: 1290 East Ontario Avenue, Corona, CA 92881

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Once again another person who just can’t follow the rules. Everyone has to wear a mask so it’s NOT DISCRIMINATION!!

You call it a violation of your rights because YOU KNOW you have zero case. You can whine like a little *** all you like, it won’t change the emergency powers activated at the start of the pandemic. Every state enacted them and the president did as well. These emergency powers superceed your individual rights.

So when they tell you to wear a mask, it’s a mandate meant for everyone. Get with the program or just stay home and order online. No judge or lawyer will take you seriously if you tried to bring a lawsuit. Firstly, they can throw more money and lawyers at you and crush you.

Secondly, since emergency powers are in effect the judge will see your case as frivolous at best and a crime at the worst. It’s moronic mouthbreathers like yourself who keep this covid going. Oh you don’t want to wear a mask because it’s uncomfortable. You don’t want to wear a mask because you were TOLD TO DO SO!!

Both are not legal reasons to defy the mandate in effect. That is just you being a ignorant fool. Now trump has covid. He refused to wear a mask and now he is sick.

You think th ere MIGHT be a logical reason for them telling you to wear a mask? Just look at it this way. There has to be someone in your miserable existence that you actually give a damn about other then yourself. Do you want to be responsible for infecting them and possibly killing them due simply to the fact that you couldnt be bothered to follow the rules?

A mask protects us from the spit you fling out while talking and breathing. It cuts down on transmission. You people whined and cried like children when the country was closed down. Wearing a mask is the fastest way to get us all back to work and our society back to it’s supposed greatness.

Or they COULD go the other way. Either wear a mask or face fines and imprisonment. Do your part you idiotic moron or get the *** out of the way. If you feel so strongly about not wearing a mask then stay home!!

No one needs to either catch from you this bug or potentially make you catch it. I swear it’s like stupid follows you people around like a lost dog. Zero common sense. Zero working toward the common good.

It just all about YOU and your extremely selfish attitude and view point. PLEASE!! Go to a hospital and really look at the ICU. It’s filled with people like you who think their rights are above everyone else’s.

The good news is you would probably pass away from it so atleast we only have to deal with people like yourself for as long as it takes you to die.

You’ve been given bad information about your rights during an emergency situation and you’ve been given a horrible role model in trump. You should hope he doesn’t pass away from it so you don’t look like a bigger fool then you already do.


How are they discriminating? They are requiring everyone to wear a mask.

There are those that don't wear masks because everyone around them is "tested" every day and still come down with the virus. Do your part and wear a mask in public to help slow the spread of the virus.

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