Columbus, Georgia
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I went to the Walmart on Buena Vista Rd. in Columbus, GA.

I went to exchange a video game that I bought a few days ago because the video game wasn't working properly. I went to customer service and the customer service rep was having a side conversation with friends, while I waited in line for 30 minutes. When she did turn her attention to me she appeared to not know what she was doing and was no help to me to exchange my video game.

The lady was not helpful to me and I couldn't exchange my video game forcing me to go to another Walmart to exchange my video game. Terrible customer service!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Long waits, Management, Service.

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i hope you atleast made a copy of the game first, if it really didnt work u r probably going to exchange it for a duplicate cuz u r a push over. say nah *** i want a walmart card.


You should have taken mommy shopping with you. While I agree having a personal conversation is not acceptable when you have people waiting in line, had you bought mommy shopping with you she could have spoken up for you and asked for help.

But since mommy was not there with you, you could not say, "Excuse me can I get some help here?" Also how do you know they were having a personal conversation?

Were you listening in? Just for future reference since mommy and daddy obviously did not teach you this, listening in on a conversation that you are not involved in, and or does not involve you is extremely rude.


They never stand behind the video games. I bought Car Jack II.

There wasn't enough *** beatings and naked tail for my taste.

It didn't show any doggystyle either. They laughed when I asked for my money back.