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I will never shop at Walmart again this has to do with actually the payment I made to the bank I always like to pay you or schedule payment in advance to make sure they get it. I went online and their website for making payments is ridiculous.

I went to make a payment $40 I got the confirmation page I review that it $41 payment was supposed to be made and they took out the entire balance. They have offered to correct the problem with the check for the difference doesn't do me much good now. I called them with in micro minutes of them taking out the full amount they could've stopped being paid by the bank because it usually takes three days to clear no such luck I called him one time then I called again and the person that I spoke to hadn't submitted it to what they're calling the back Office.

Both people I spoke to said it's gonna take three weeks to get the check and set of just doing something on their end. Quality has gone down prices are going up stores here in stores here in California are hot during the summer there's no ventilation it's just horrible just be careful if you make a payment online we wear

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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