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Although I purchased a defective hose at Walmart with a 7 year warranty, Walmart would not honor the warranty and their paid employee was incredibly rude and unprofessional. It was a $9.00 hose.

I spend thousands of dollars in grocery purchases annually and I will NEVER buy anything at Walmart again, EVER.

Hey Walmart, think long term. You just saved $9, but lost tens of thousands of dollars in lifetime revenue. You are a special kind of stupid. Do you know what professional good will is?

It is your reputation. Your reputation to me is now and always will be a foul, rude ignorant, unprofessional, loud mouth that cannot carry on a conversation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Teknor Apex Hose.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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if its a $9 hose its WM brand so there is the manufactureronly way warranty would work IS through the store as it would cost more than $9 to ship it anywhere(china)the warranty would only cover defects--not wear & tear over usewhat cam anyone expect from a $9 hose--mine cost $7 from WM & i wish someone would steal it!!(hey...wanna trade!!)


The problem is customer service being outsourced to other countries, and yes they are rude, they lie, and personally I am afraid to give them any of my information. I think this may be where the robo calls are coming from.


I can tell you why, the OP IS LAZY!!!! Instead of contacting the manufacturer they chose instead to go to the retailer and make a scene.

Typical of the American mouth breather. The OP probably doesn’t remember who the manufacturer is. What should make everyone laugh is that the OP can use the web to whine but can’t figure out to use the web to redeem the warranty. Too funny!!

Hey fossils!! LEARN TO THINK!!!!


Did you bother reading the 7 year warranty? I'll bet it didn't say anything about returning the hose to the store where you bought it. The warranty is handled by the manufacturer, not the store.


This is over a $9.00 hose right?