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I was 1 of the best workers that wal-mart had I could work every dept. was there for 4 years a young manager had me fired for 1 hour overtime but I think that he just did't like me and made sure that I could never be rehired and now I am about to lose my home and can't fine a job and this is not right!

I was there 3 years before him all I want is to try and get my job back please!!! I can work when he is not there if that helps

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I have never wk at wm, but know several who do, and I agree,they treat their employees terrible.Go collect unemployment and try to find an employer who appreciates u.


Boycott Walmart!


Go to your district Manager, and keep going up the ladder until you get someone who will listen to you, also file a formal complaint with the company against this manager...1 time without so much as a warning is unacceptable. If none of the above works, seek help from a labor lawyer, sometimes they will work for free simply for the chance to go after a large corporation. At the very least they can negotiate for your job back.


no they are not right other managers would let you know if you got overtime and give you a chance to kill it not the manager I had


At Walmart they don't allow you to do any overtime unless you have it pre-approved. They use digital swipe cards to clock in and out for their hourly wages.

This person clocked out an hour late.

A perfectly fire-able offense when you work at-will employment.

Especially with Walmart.

Nothing wrong here. Walmart is in the right.

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