Atlanta, Georgia


I don't know who is to blame but, I am very disappointed! I buy your Bryer's Fat Free ice cream every week.

And usually there is low stock in the freezer at Wal-Mart like it is selling very well. Well, today I get the shock of my life. I go in to buy some fat free Bryer's and find out from the frozen foods manager that it has been pulled from the shelves at my local Wal-mart. How and why is this.

It seemed to be selling so good.

Why is this???? Please give me the reaseon why.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Walmart also pulled the Homemade brand ice cream. When I asked why they asked for the bar code etc.

of the product! How can you provide that info when they quit stocking it?


We are talking about ice cream arent we? For real, the shock of your life comes when wal mart no longer carries breyers fat free ice cream? Not sure what is more amusing, that the shock of your life is that walmart pulled an ice cream product or that you didnt spell the brand name correctly.